Is there anything better at the end of a long day than slipping into your favorite sheets with the one you love? If you feel the need to break up with your old and worn out sheets, we’ve got you covered! Fall in love again; date some new sheets with BedVoyage Sheets!

What’s it like to LOVE your Sheets?

There’s something about LOVING your sheets, duvet cover, comforter, pillows and all of them cozied up together that just spells delicious slumber. You let out a big sigh of joy when you slip into bed. Then let out a little moan of sadness when you leave it in the morning, plotting your return.

Our bed is where we snuggle with our lover, our kids, our pets, a good book. A breakfast tray, our laptop, music, movies, a night-cap. A Mimosa, chocolates, tea or a huge mug of coffee! Bed is where glorious things happen: meditation, amazing stretches, wine, plans, dreams, whispers, cuddles, kisses, and I Love You’s. Its a judgement-free zone where the only negative thing is your alarm clock! Although vacations are wonderful, who hasn’t said on their travel home ‘we get to sleep in our own bed tonight’ with a big sigh of longing?

It’s one of the most amazing places, and having amazing linens is a BIG part of creating that sanctuary. What happened when 2,000 people were polled to ask what the Top 50 things were that made them feel great? The feeling of fresh sheets topped the list

How to Sleep Cooler:

Again, sleep on Bamboo Sheets! They’re naturally thermal regulating, which means hot sleepers sleep cooler. Bamboo fibers breath, meaning air escapes through the tiny micro-gaps and holes and keeps you cooler. People who have hot-flashes or perspire in bed love bamboo Sheets and Pillowcases because they don’t overheat the same way you can in cotton. The fibers also wick away moisture and evaporate it 3 times faster than cotton, so you won’t wake up with soaked sheets. Would it be too much to tell you that bamboo sheets are also odor-resistant? its true! Bacteria does not flourish in bamboo sheets (or towels) so you can sleep on them longer than cotton. And they’ll smell fresher between washings.

Customer Reviews:

Some of our favorite moments are when we get customer reviews or testimonials as to how our bamboo bed sheets have changed their sleep life. It literally warms our heart to know that people slip into bed at night and love the experience of feeling the silky sheets against their skin. They can tuck their children in knowing they are sleeping gently on hypoallergenic sheets that are comforting against their skin. You can wake refreshed from a great night’s sleep, ready to hit the day with great energy!

One of my favorite sheets sayings about those that love their bed is ‘I’m being kidnapped by a comforter, sheet, and pillows. No need to call the police as I’ll be released in the morning.” And when the linens are bamboo, expect to hit the snooze button more than once! Another favorite “I can’t get out of bed, these blankets have accepted me as one of their own, and leaving now might cause trust issues.”

Sweet Dreams~

White Bamboo Sheet Set with pillows product image by BedVoyage

100% Bamboo Sheet Set - White

$149per set
Tan Bamboo Cotton Sheets set with 1 pillowcase by BedVoyage

Melange Bamboo Sheet Set - Sand

$99per set
gray coverlet bedspread bamboo by BedVoyage

100% Bamboo Quilted Coverlet - Platinum

$270per set