The quick answer as to why bamboo sheets are better; you’ll sleep cooler, more comfortably, and healthier. For more details see the below many beneficial aspects:

HYPOALLERGENIC: bamboo soothes sensitive skin. Say goodbye to irritation, puffiness, acne, and rashes. Bamboo resists dust mites.

MOISTURE WICKING: you’ll sleep dryer because bamboo fibers wick moisture 3x faster than cotton.

ODOR RESISTANT: bamboo is naturally resistant to bacteria and odors. Machine washable and durable, bamboo gets softer wash after wash.

MILDEW RESISTANT: the linens will never get a mildew scent even if accidentally left in the washer.

SILKY SOFT AND COMFORTING: bamboo is twice as soft as cotton, with a luxurious cashmere-like feel.

COOLING: you’ll stay cool all night because bamboo breathes 3x more than cotton so you won’t overheat. Great sheets for menopause and hot sleepers.

ECO-FRIENDLY: bamboo is one of the most renewable resources on the planet, and grown organically. The stalk is harvested at the base, so the bamboo can regrow until the next harvest. Additionally no pesticides are used in the growing of bamboo.

NO FORMALDEHYDE:  the cotton industry coats their linens with toxic formaldehyde to make them wrinkle resistant. We offer formaldehyde-free linens so that you can sleep healthier.

WHY BEDVOYAGE: premium quality bamboo fibers, tight twill weave, Oeko-Tex Made In Green, organically grown bamboo. Linens have a tight twill weave, guaranteed not to pill. With an extra 12” length to flat sheet. Quality elastic, 18” deep pockets. Fade-resistant.

For all of those reasons, bamboo sheets are better. Buy them for yourself, your family and friends!