Gain the beauty secret to great hair and skin by upgrading your pillowcase to Bamboo! Bamboo fibers are hypoallergenic and super silky-soft against your skin. Bamboo Pillowcases are better for hair and skin because the fibers are woven so round and smooth. They won’t tug or pull at your hair or skin while sleeping.

Under a microscope; a cotton thread would look like a rough old rope, all frayed and scratchy.  But a bamboo thread would look like a hair on your head, tubular and smooth. If you move your head about on the pillowcase during the night, bamboo fabrics will be gentle and soft against your hair and skin.  For those that are balding or have aging or sensitive skin; you’ll feel you’ve found the best miracle gel or cream you’ve ever seen!  Wake up feeling refreshed, with no bed-head or creased face.

For those that get hot and perspire when sleeping, you’ll be comforted by bamboo as its a cooling fabric. Flipping your pillow over to find a cool spot does not happen with bamboo. Bamboo also wicks and absorbs moisture faster than cotton, so you won’t wake with a wet pillow.  Bacteria doesn’t flourish on bamboo, so people prone to acne or skin conditions will be comforted with bamboo.