A must-have for pregnant mothers to help create a healthy sleep environment during the most important time of their life. Bamboo Sheets are ideal during pregnancy. They’re made from 100% Organically grown BAMBOO and are ultra-soft. The luxurious silky cashmere-like feel will pamper your tender and ever-growing skin. The micro-gaps and holes in the fibers also allow the sheets to breathe and keep you cooler. A wonderful maternity gift for pregnant moms, baby showers or Push Present. Pick up a set for any woman who could use the gift of better sleep while pregnant!

There are many health and sleep benefits of bamboo sheets. Some of the qualities most loved by our customers are that they’re hypoallergenic, moisture wicking, odor and bacteria resistant. They also have incredible cooling-effects when sleeping.  When you sleep on bamboo bed sheets; you’ll experience the joy of this incredibly eco-friendly and comforting fabric.

The Undyed Ivory bamboo sheets mean that the fabric is the natural color of the raw bamboo fabric, with no dyes added. This is important when pregnant as your pores open when sleeping, and any toxins, bleaches or dyes can be absorbed into your skin. You can also purchase a Coverlet or Shams in Undyed Ivory. This allows you to create a completely healthy bed environment, before, during or  after pregnancy. As well, pamper your baby with our Crib Sheets in Undyed Ivory so that your baby can sleep healthy too. For all of these reasons; Bamboo Sheets are ideal during pregnancy.