Babies and Toddlers have tender and sensitive skin, so the feeling of hypoallergenic bamboo fabric is soothing and comforting. Children who suffer from eczema are especially sensitive to rough fabrics, so the smooth round fibers of bamboo don’t irritate their skin.  Bamboo is a moisture wicking fabric as well, so if your little one sleeps hot or perspires; BedVoyage Crib Sheets and Swaddles are especially breathable and cooling, to allow them to sleep more soundly.

We like to call bamboo fabric a ‘Smart Fabric’ as the fibers have temperature-regulating properties, sensing when you are overheating.  They then release that heat through the micro-gaps and holes, to keep your baby cooler.  But it also knows when they’re cold and will keep their heat in around them. This is very important when babies are little and have no ability to wrap or unwrap themselves.

BedVoyage Crib Sheets and Swaddles are not coated with formaldehyde, nor flame-retardant chemicals, we want their sleep to be safe and healthy, so we’ve chosen to not use those toxic chemicals, a little wrinkle never hurt anyone, but toxins do!

These make wonderful gift ideas for baby showers and mothers-to-be. Bamboo is a soft and eco-friendly fabric that mom’s can trust, knowing that they’re baby will be sleeping in a healthier environment. For these reasons; Bamboo Crib Sheets and Swaddles are better for babies.