Bamboo has been used for millennia because it’s one of the most renewal resources on the planet. It can be used in so many useful ways. The bamboo shoots are used as food, and the stalks are used in construction in many countries as rebar and siding. Due to the strength of the dense hardwood, its also great for flooring and cutting boards. Bamboo is great for sheets and towels too, so using the bamboo fibers to make linens is the most luxurious way to use bamboo!  So enjoy the gift of healthier sleeping and healthier bathing with eco-friendly linens.

Is Bamboo Eco-Friendly?

BedVoyage only uses Moso bamboo which is grown organically on farms in the south regions of China. Bamboo is a natural soil-conservation tool as it has vast shallow underground root systems.  It thrives on rainwater only, does not require any pesticides or fertilizers to grow and can grow up to 3 feet a day. The stalks are cut at the base during harvest, then allowed to regrow until the next harvest.

Cotton uses a tremendous amount of highly toxic chemicals during the growing process, but Bamboo is a very eco-friendly alternative to cotton linens. The amount of cotton used in a man’s T-shirt can be as high as 2 pounds of chemicals. Yet bamboo is grown organically with no need for fertilizers or pesticides. Bamboo has an inherent element called Bamboo Kun, which means naturally pest repellent. This quality appears to transfer to the fibers as the linens are resistant to mildew, odors and bacteria. That’s another plus to sleeping and bathing with bamboo linens.

Bamboo fabrics are also indescribably soft to the touch, amazingly cooling to sleep on and hypoallergenic.  With all of these benefits, why not switch to bamboo, its so great for sheets and towels! We also offer a complete line of bamboo linens for babies: Hooded Towels, Baby Washcloths, Swaddles, Crib Sheets and Baby Blankets.