One of the natural benefits of Bamboo bedding is that bamboo fibers resist bacteria and odors, so your bedding stays fresh longer than cotton. Bamboo fibers have an inherent property called ‘bamboo kun’ which means naturally pest repellent. This means that odor-causing bacteria doesn’t grow on bamboo fibers.  Rest assured that if you can’t change your sheets as often as you’d like, its ok. Your bamboo bedding stays fresh longer, and won’t get the funky smell that cotton sheets will. So save some time and sleep on bamboo instead of cotton! So the answer to the question of Does Bamboo Bedding Stay Fresh Longer, is YES!

Machine-washable, bamboo bedding is an easy-care fabric as well. Simply wash in warm water with an eco-friendly liquid detergent, then dry on medium. We don’t recommend any washer or dryer balls, fabric softeners or dryer sheets, as those items coat the linens and can cause discoloration. If you develop any body oil stains you may use something like Dawn dishwashing liquid, dab on the spot directly, add a little water, rub the fabric together, then launder.  You may also use a little spot remover, or whatever your favorite stain remover is. We just don’t recommend bleach.

You can also gain the beauty secret to great hair and skin by upgrading your sheets to Bamboo! Bamboo fibers are hypoallergenic and super silky-soft against your skin. Bamboo Pillowcases are better for hair and skin because the fibers are woven so round and smooth. They won’t tug or pull at your hair or skin while sleeping.

For those that get hot and perspire when sleeping, you’ll be comforted by bamboo as its a cooling fabric. Flipping your pillow over to find a cool spot does not happen with bamboo. Bamboo also wicks and absorbs moisture faster than cotton, so you won’t wake with a wet pillow.  Bacteria doesn’t flourish on bamboo, so people prone to acne or skin conditions will be comforted with bamboo.