Yes, giving the gift of healthy bamboo sheets is the best gift you can give to your friends and family. They are so much softer than cotton, there’s simply no comparison. For years our customers have told us that once they sleep on bamboo, they never go back to cotton. We’re told they’ve chosen to donate or give away all of their cotton sheets, never to look back! If you have eco-conscious loved ones, they’ll appreciated that we use only organically grown bamboo for our scrumptiously soft linens. The bamboo is farmed, not cut from natural forests, so its panda-friendly. Bamboo Sheets make excellent gifts.

Our line of Undyed Ivory has no dye at all, and the other colors are made with Fiber Reactive Dyes which are earth-friendly. Our line is wide and varied, so you can find the perfect gift for any age, or discerning loved one. An added bonus: BedVoyage wraps each shipment in tissue paper with a logo sticker, so it arrives looking very gift-worthy.

Gifting an eco-friendly alternative to cotton sheets is a thoughtful gift, as cotton uses a tremendous amount of highly toxic chemicals during the growing process. The amount of cotton used in a man’s T-shirt is up to 2 pounds of chemicals. Yet bamboo is grown organically with no need for fertilizers or pesticides. The reason for this is due to an inherent element called Bamboo Kun which means: naturally pest repellent. This quality seems to transfer to the fibers as the linens are resistant to mildew, odors and bacteria. Bamboo fibers are also indescribably soft to the touch, cooling to sleep on, and hypoallergenic.  Bamboo Sheets make excellent gifts, so why not enjoy giving the gift of healthier sleep?