We’ve all experienced the shiver of getting into a cold bed with cotton sheets, but Bamboo, in contrast, is room-temperature when you get into bed. Bamboo Sheets are warmer than cotton sheets, and you’ll immediately feel comfortable. Within moments you’re warm, cozy and relaxed.  If you start to heat up during the night, simply move an arm or leg and you’ll feel the soothing coolness of bamboo sheets.  Some of our favorite testimonials are from people that tell us they’ve never slept better. We hear comments that when they slip into bed at night they let out a big sigh and tell us it’s like ‘slipping into butter’.

A natural attribute of bamboo fibers is the micro-gaps and holes that allow heat to escape, or stay in, so they can adjust to your body’s needs. The woven fabric of bamboo creates the perfect textile for bedding because they are extremely comforting and soft. Its also hypoallergenic due to the non-abrasive structure of the smooth and round fibers. These attributes make bamboo sheets warmer than cotton sheets.

Are Bamboo Sheets Warmer Than Cotton Sheets?

We like to call bamboo fabric a ‘Smart Fabric’ as the fibers have temperature-regulating properties, sensing when you are overheating.  They then release that heat through the micro-gaps and holes, to keep you cooler.  But it also knows when you’re cold and will keep your heat in around you, two people who sleep very differently can finally sleep comfortably next to each other.

If you perspire when sleeping, you’ll appreciate that bamboo is 3 times more absorbent than cotton. They also evaporate that moisture faster than cotton, so you’ll sleep drier.