Why Bamboo

Bamboo is one of the most renewable resources on our planet.
Why sleep on ordinary cotton when you can sleep on Bamboo? Bamboo has SUPERPOWERS that cotton does not: it’s hypoallergenic, silky-smooth, temperature regulating, moisture wicking, and resists bacteria and odors, NATURALLY!


Resists Bacteria
Ideal for Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis


Cooling Fabric
Ideal for Hot sleepers


Ideal for Sensitive or Irritated Skin

Moisture Wicking
Ideal for Night Sweats


Luxuriously Soft
Softer than Cashmere & Softer than silk

Eco Friendly
Reduced Packaging
Sustainably Farmed Bamboo
Panda Friendly
Oeko Tex- Made in Green

When people ask what Bamboo viscose is, we like to describe it as 'the process of converting a bamboo stalk into a fiber. Wikipedia describes it this way: “Viscose is a fiber made from regenerated wood cellulose'. The term viscose or rayon will often be used interchangeably, in the describing of the bamboo fiber process. BedVoyage uses both terms when describing our linens, as we hope this reduces any confusion.

Viscose fibers are considered neither natural or artificial, as the term ‘regenerated’ refers to the fact that a chemical change happens in the processing of bamboo.  The reformed or reconstructed bamboo cellulose fiber is called regenerated cellulose. Although that sounds fancy, there are so many benefits of sleeping on bamboo bedding. You'll enjoy the better sleep that you'll get, as Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic, which our customers state is their favorite benefit. This means that bamboo sheets are incredibly soft and comforting to skin.

Bamboo is a super breathable fabric, the micro-gaps and holes in the fibers allow heat to escape, so you'll sleep cooler. The thermal regulating capabilities mean that the fabric adjusts to your body's needs.

You'll appreciate that bamboo is a moisture wicking fabric if you perspire when sleeping, and bamboo resists odors and bacteria. People that suffer from skin sensitivities or allergies are comforted and soothed by bamboo fibers. The smooth silky feel helps reduce eczema and psoriasis symptoms. Bamboo gets softer when washed, and is an easy-care fabric that goes right into the washer and dryer.

Many who've made the switch from cotton to bamboo bed sheets have said they'll never go back to cotton.  Make the switch and you'll see!

The quick answer as to why bamboo sheets are better; you’ll sleep cooler, more comfortably, and healthier. For more details see the below many beneficial aspects:

HYPOALLERGENIC: bamboo soothes sensitive skin. Say goodbye to irritation, puffiness, acne, and rashes. Bamboo resists dust mites.

MOISTURE WICKING: you'll sleep dryer because bamboo fibers wick moisture 3x faster than cotton.

ODOR RESISTANT: bamboo is naturally resistant to bacteria and odors. Machine washable and durable, bamboo gets softer wash after wash.

MILDEW RESISTANT: the linens will never get a mildew scent even if accidentally left in the washer.

SILKY SOFT AND COMFORTING: bamboo is twice as soft as cotton, with a luxurious cashmere-like feel.

COOLING: you'll stay cool all night because bamboo breathes 3x more than cotton so you won’t overheat. Great sheets for menopause and hot sleepers.

ECO-FRIENDLY: bamboo is one of the most renewable resources on the planet, and grown organically. The stalk is harvested at the base, so the bamboo can regrow until the next harvest. Additionally no pesticides are used in the growing of bamboo.

NO FORMALDEHYDE:  the cotton industry coats their linens with toxic formaldehyde to make them wrinkle resistant. We offer formaldehyde-free linens so that you can sleep healthier.

WHY BEDVOYAGE: premium quality bamboo fibers, tight twill weave, Oeko-Tex Made In Green, organically grown bamboo. Linens have a tight twill weave, guaranteed not to pill. With an extra 12” length to flat sheet. Quality elastic, 18” deep pockets. Fade-resistant.

For all of those reasons, bamboo sheets are better. Buy them for yourself, your family and friends!

Bamboo has been used for millennia because it’s one of the most renewal resources on the planet. It can be used in so many useful ways. The bamboo shoots are used as food, and the stalks are used in construction in many countries as rebar and siding. Due to the strength of the dense hardwood, its also great for flooring and cutting boards. Bamboo is great for sheets and towels too, so using the bamboo fibers to make linens is the most luxurious way to use bamboo!  So enjoy the gift of healthier sleeping and healthier bathing with eco-friendly linens.

Is Bamboo Eco-Friendly?

BedVoyage only uses Moso bamboo which is grown organically on farms in the south regions of China. Bamboo is a natural soil-conservation tool as it has vast shallow underground root systems.  It thrives on rainwater only, does not require any pesticides or fertilizers to grow and can grow up to 3 feet a day. The stalks are cut at the base during harvest, then allowed to regrow until the next harvest.

Cotton uses a tremendous amount of highly toxic chemicals during the growing process, but Bamboo is a very eco-friendly alternative to cotton linens. The amount of cotton used in a man’s T-shirt can be as high as 2 pounds of chemicals. Yet bamboo is grown organically with no need for fertilizers or pesticides. Bamboo has an inherent element called Bamboo Kun, which means naturally pest repellent. This quality appears to transfer to the fibers as the linens are resistant to mildew, odors and bacteria. That's another plus to sleeping and bathing with bamboo linens.

Bamboo fabrics are also indescribably soft to the touch, amazingly cooling to sleep on and hypoallergenic.  With all of these benefits, why not switch to bamboo, its so great for sheets and towels! We also offer a complete line of bamboo linens for babies: Hooded Towels, Baby Washcloths, Swaddles, Crib Sheets and Baby Blankets.

We’ve all experienced the shiver of getting into a cold bed with cotton sheets, but Bamboo, in contrast, is room-temperature when you get into bed. Bamboo Sheets are warmer than cotton sheets, and you’ll immediately feel comfortable. Within moments you’re warm, cozy and relaxed.  If you start to heat up during the night, simply move an arm or leg and you’ll feel the soothing coolness of bamboo sheets.  Some of our favorite testimonials are from people that tell us they've never slept better. We hear comments that when they slip into bed at night they let out a big sigh and tell us it’s like ‘slipping into butter’.

A natural attribute of bamboo fibers is the micro-gaps and holes that allow heat to escape, or stay in, so they can adjust to your body's needs. The woven fabric of bamboo creates the perfect textile for bedding because they are extremely comforting and soft. Its also hypoallergenic due to the non-abrasive structure of the smooth and round fibers. These attributes make bamboo sheets warmer than cotton sheets.

Are Bamboo Sheets Warmer Than Cotton Sheets?

We like to call bamboo fabric a 'Smart Fabric' as the fibers have temperature-regulating properties, sensing when you are overheating.  They then release that heat through the micro-gaps and holes, to keep you cooler.  But it also knows when you’re cold and will keep your heat in around you, two people who sleep very differently can finally sleep comfortably next to each other.

If you perspire when sleeping, you'll appreciate that bamboo is 3 times more absorbent than cotton. They also evaporate that moisture faster than cotton, so you'll sleep drier.

Bamboo linens are naturally thermal regulating, which means hot sleepers sleep cooler.  Bamboo fibers breath, meaning air escapes through the tiny micro-gaps and holes and keeps you cooler.  People who have hot-flashes or perspire in bed love Bamboo Sheets because they don't overheat the same way you do in cotton. Do you sleep cooler on bamboo sheets, yes! And the fibers also wick away moisture and evaporate it 3 times faster than cotton, so your sheets will stay drier. Bacteria doesn’t flourish in bamboo sheets, so you can launder less often and your sheets will smell fresher between washings.

Why do You Sleep Cooler on Bamboo Sheets?

We like to call bamboo fabrics a 'Smart Fabric' because the fibers have temperature-adjusting qualities, they sense when you're overheating. They then release that heat through the micro-gaps and holes to keep you cooler. But the fabric can also sense when you're cold and will keep your warmth in. Two people who sleep very differently can finally sleep comfortably together!

Your pillowcase is also the beauty secret to waking with great hair and skin. As bamboo is hypoallergenic, its super silky-soft against your skin. The fibers are so round and smooth that they won't tug or pull at your hair or skin while sleeping.

If you looked at a cotton thread under a microscope it would look like a rough old rope, frayed and scratchy. But a bamboo thread would look like a hair on your head, round, smooth and tubular. So you can move your head about on the pillowcase and it will be gentle on your hair and face.

If you're balding or have sensitive aging skin; you'll feel you've found the best miracle hair or face cream you've ever seen. You'll wake refreshed, with no bed head or creased face.

Bamboo has many inherent qualities that makes it a natural choice for babies when it comes to bath time. Bamboo fabrics are hypoallergenic due to their smooth and round fiber structure. Hypoallergenic means that babies tender new skin will be comforted with soft bamboo fabrics, as they're a non-irritant. The bamboo washcloths are thin enough to gently clean around tiny fingers and toes. The Hooded Towel can be hung from its hood to dry, ready to be reused for days. Bamboo is naturally resistant to mildew, bacteria and odors, and can be reused. Additional ways that Bamboo Towels are better for babies are noted below.

Bamboo is also an extremely absorbent fabric, 3 times more than cotton!  There are gaps and holes in the micro-structure that allow it to wick moisture faster than cotton, so your little one will be dry faster. The towels also dry quickly, so if your child wears their Hooded Towel after the bath, it should keep them warm. The Hooded Towel will fit from newborn to about 6 years of age. The Baby Washcloths are so versatile that they can be used in many other ways. Some options: to wipe messy faces and hands, keep some in the diaper bag for messes, as an on-the-go burp cloth, or even a bib when needed.

Our products are Panda-Friendly as we only make our linens from organically grown bamboo that is raised on farms. So you can rest assured that no natural Panda habitats have been harmed to make your child's Panda Hooded Towel!

Bamboo has many inherent qualities that makes it a natural choice for bathing. Bamboo towels are better than cotton in many ways: they're hypoallergenic, and resistant to mildew, odors and bacteria. Our towels are also incredibly soft and soothing against your skin, as well as 3 times more absorbent than cotton. Below is more information explaining why bamboo towels are better than cotton.

There are gaps and holes in the micro-structure that allow it to wick moisture faster than cotton, so you'll dry off faster. The towels also dry overnight, so if you'd like to reuse it, simply hang it by its hang-tag to dry. As Bamboo is resistant to mildew and odors caused by bacteria; you can literally reuse your towels for days between laundering. They'll remain fresh and never smell like mildew.

Our products are Panda-Friendly as we only make our linens from organically grown bamboo raised on farms. So you can rest assured that no natural Panda habitats have been harmed to make your Towels!

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