A:  BedVoyage Sheets and Towel linens are made responsibly at some of the largest home textile factories located in India. The bamboo we use is grown organically, harvested and spun into yarns, all in India. We use Moso bamboo plants as the basis of our bamboo fabrics, which is not one of the bamboo plants that Panda’s eat, we are Panda-Friendly and not harming their natural habitats or food sources.

Is your factory a sustainable-green factory?

The factory that makes our 100% bamboo Sheets, Duvets, Coverlets and Shams is a truly special factory. It has been run for decades by the same family. They use 100% recyclable distilled water, and run solely on solar energy. We can assure you that there is no child labor working within our factories, and that the workers are not under-paid or over-worked. Safeguards are put in place to protect the environment, and to ensure their health and safety. We’re proud to be producing our linens in such responsible factories that take great care of their workers and the planet!