A USA Women Owned Brand, since 2008!
BedVoyage about us
BedVoyage is a leading online Bamboo Bedding and Bath supplier in the United States. We are a woman-owned USA brand that is proud to have pioneered bamboo as a bedding alternative in 2008. Our entire team is based in Washington State, yet we ship our products from our Las Vegas warehouse in order to meet the quickest-shipping needs for the entire country.
We use only organically grown Moso bamboo. Our products are ethically made and designed using the highest quality and standards. We offer the best and most luxurious Bamboo Sheets and Towels on the market.

The idea for BedVoyage was born!

Sharon Stuart CEO BedVoyage sitting on White bed
“I felt strongly that there must be others like me who desired an alternative to cotton and a fabric that was more earth-conscious. I wanted to sleep in something indescribably soft to the touch. When I chose bamboo; it lead me to create a line of luxury linens for the entire family!”
Sharon Stuart, our CEO says “I’ve been a sheet snob my entire life, when I set out to design the perfect sheets I wanted to create something luxuriously soft that offered health and sleep benefit’s all while being affordable. I think I’ve succeeded, as our loyal fans tell us they’ll no longer sleep on anything but BedVoyage bamboo!”
Sharon feels that being a woman-owned business has granted a special touch to BedVoyage’s product lines, as bedding has a certain intimacy that she feels she really understands. The way it feels against your skin, how it drapes so beautifully over your body as you move, and smells fresh and clean longer than cotton bedding.
For Sharon it was about family, friends, and people everywhere that want a luxurious place to sleep. To snuggle up, kiss their children goodnight and relax in comfort and style knowing they have the best, naturally!
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