Oeko-Tex Made in Green certifications mean the materials we use are tested, and certified. They're also safe for babies, because there are no harmful substances used in the making of them. Our linens are made in an environmentally friendly facility, which practices social responsibility in the workplace.


The Green America certification is one that assures that our company is dedicated to creating products that are green. As well as healthy, ethically produced, and with organically grown textiles.


Fair Trade Certified. We're dedicated to environmentally sustainable practices, and safe working conditions for those that produce our linens. Fair wages, fair hours and safe working environments are important to us. Its not only important to us that we product eco-friendly linens to our customers. But also to ensure that our linens are produced in mills that care about the safety, and health, of their workers.


Panda-Friendly: no natural panda habitats are disturbed during the growing, as we only use bamboo that is grown organically on farms.


Vegan & Cruelty Free: our linens are all made from 100% plant based and made without harming animals. 100% Bamboo is also known as Vegan Silk.


SMETA: ensures that our workers are not overworked and are fairly paid, and there is no child or slave labor. We've worked with our factory for over 10 years, and have personally met with many of the workers, as well as confirmed the clean and safe environment.


Sustainable: we limit waste, reuse packing materials, and recycle so that we do our part to produce linens that are environmentally sustainable. We've also amended our packaging, its now reusable linen closet storage bags.


BedVoyage white 100% Bamboo Sheets queen stacksize

100% Bamboo Sheet Set - White

$149per set
BedVoyage Bamboo Coverlet Quilt folded in platinum gray

100% Bamboo Quilted Coverlet - Platinum

$270per set
BedVoyage charcoal bath sheet and hand towel stack

Melange 3pc Towel Set - Charcoal

$67per set

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