Our CEO & Supported Charities

Sharon Stuart   CEO of BedVoyage"I've been a sheet snob my whole life, so I wanted to design linens that are luxuriously soft, have health and sleep benefits, and that are affordable! I think I've succeeded, as our loyal fans tell us they've given or thrown away all of their cotton sheets are have completely converted to bamboo!" says Sharon Stuart, the CEO and Founder of BedVoyage, an eco-luxury brand of bamboo linens, towels and accessories.

For Sharon it was about family, friends, colleagues and people everywhere that want a luxurious place to sleep, snuggle up, kiss their children goodnight and relax in comfort and style!  Born in the Northwest and raised in a naturopathic lifestyle, Sharon knows that a good night’s sleep not only makes for a much better day, but also has health benefits. Sharon has worked diligently at eating organic, growing her own vegetables, taking high-quality supplements, making her own skin creams, and working out daily. Health is very important to her, and she wants to share the health of eco-friendly bedding and good sleep with others!  

Nestle in cozily with linens that have qualities that are uniquely inherent to rayon from Bamboo: resistant to bacteria, hypo-allergenic, thermal regulating, moisture-wicking, and odor resistant.  BedVoyage's rayon from Bamboo linens give you the opportunity to Comfort Your Family Naturally!

According to Sharon, ‘All my life I have been very discriminating about what I sleep on, ask anyone that knows me!  I've had vacation homes for 20+ years, and am always making sure my guests are sleeping on fresh linens because I've had to stay in some fun, but not so clean, vacation homes and motels that simply shaped how I want to sleep.  Now I constantly change my linens, won’t sleep anywhere that I don’t KNOW has fresh sheets, have been known to cover a hotel pillow with a fresh T-shirt and sleep in my sweats, and have shied away from staying the night at some homes, for fear of having to sleep on dirty linens!’

'While I was building a cabin in the mountains in 2007, I was thinking about how often I’d be changing the linens as I frequently have guests and had the thought ‘wouldn’t it be nice if my guests brought their own linens?’ and the light bulb went on!  Within moments I had the vision of a design for luxurious travel linens and knew there must be others like me who would prefer to take their own linens on their travels, and be ensured of a clean place to rest at night.  The idea for BedVoyage was born!'

While developing the first prototype in the Spring of 2008, Sharon discovered the green fabric of her dreams: rayon from Bamboo.  After careful research on the amazing eco-friendly qualities of bamboo, she chose only to use 100% rayon from Bamboo in the highest thread counts, making the linens softer to the touch than 1000 thread count Pima cotton.  She applied for a patent on a unique connected design, and went to market with her first product.  The enthusiasm of the customers was amazing.  Demand for expanding the luxurious bamboo line led her to launch traditional linens, duvet covers, quilted coverlets, travel blankets and pillowcases, towels, and shams, and then baby linens: hooded towels, swaddles, crib sheets and washcloths. The Panda Baby line launched in the spring of 2019 and filled a niche for eco-friendly baby shower gifts.  “Everyone, including babies, should feel pampered when they sleep, and if we keep our prices affordable, there's no excuse for not sleeping on BedVoyage rayon from Bamboo linens!”

Sharon Stuart resides in the Pacific Northwest with the love of her life, and they enjoy riding quads, snowmobiling, hiking, cooking, gardening, entertaining and a good night’s rest!

Supporting charities and giving back is very important to the company and these are the following charities we support:

Girls Giving Back Icon
Girls Giving Back
inspires hope and brings comfort and stability to individuals and families in need by improving living conditions in Puget Sound transitional shelters. Their mission is to change these transitional shelters into loving, clean places for families and youth to recover and make change in their lives for the better. www.girlsgivingback.org

Vision House Icon
Vision House is a Christian social service agency based near Seattle, Washington. Since 1990, Vision House has provided housing, support services and child care for homeless families with children.  Vision House also offers meaningful volunteer opportunities to the community with the goal of increasing their capacity to serve the poor and homeless and help promote a positive transformation of their lives for the better. http://vision-house.org/

Costco College Success Foundation Icon
College Success Foundation provides a unique integrated system of supports and scholarships to inspire underserved low-income students to finish high school, graduate from college and succeed in life.  They serve the underserved – those who might not otherwise get to college without our help. Our scholars include young people from low-income families, students of color, foster youth and first-generation college students. https://collegesuccessfoundation.org/home

 Eyes for Zimbabwe Icon
Eyes for Zimbabwe
is a charity aimed to cure Zimbabweans of the eye disease Cataract; a disease which gradually makes people blind. There are over 80,000 children, youth and adults suffering from the disease. With a simple 10-minute surgery, which costs as little as $20 USD, eyesight can be restored within 24 hours. http://eyes4zimbabwe.org/