Labor Day weekend is a little bittersweet, as it’s a wonderful day of family and friends celebrating, but also marks the end of summer for sun-lovers. Plus its soon back to school for the kids, so we’d like to offer some Fun Ways to Celebrate Labor Day weekend!

Evening Outdoor Events:

The evenings are cooler, but we relish the last moments of being outdoors, so wrap up in a BedVoyage bamboo Coverlet while sitting outside into the evening! The Duvet Covers can be used outside too. The Duvet Sets also make a great hostess or party gift at

Wondering what to do for the holiday? Many get away for the last weekend before school starts, and the highways are full of travel-trailers and campers. Others invite a group of family and friends to have the last big bbq of the season, with fun cocktails and games for the kids. Here are some links for some fun ideas for all:

Pool Party Movie Night: Who says that the party has to move inside once dusk sets in? Set up your very own outdoor movie theater and entertain guests with a fun summer flick. If you give each person a blanket and pillow, they can snuggle in and watch the movie in comfort! Use an old White Flat Sheet as a movie screen, then buy a new sheet set for yourself!

The main idea is: ENJOY the moment, give each person some undivided attention, play games with the kids, appreciate the beautiful outdoors. Celebrate the love of family and friends, and STAY WARM with BedVoyage bamboo!

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