• Before using we recommend washing in warm water with a gentle liquid detergent, but no fabric softener. Softeners and dryer sheets can build up on towels, this can cause weakening of the fibers and decrease absorbency. Tumble dry on medium. The towels will actually get even more absorbent after 2-3 washings, as they shed some of the silky-ness.
  • If you use chlorine-free bleach, do not pour it directly onto your towels. Instead, fill the washer with water and add the chlorine-free bleach to dilute it prior to laundering. Or pre-soak the linens for half an hour before starting the machine.

Additional Tips

  • Give the towels a good shake when removing them from the washer, this fluffs the terry loops and will aid in the absorbency of your towels.  Do not iron your towels, as that decreases the absorbency of all towels.
  • Detergents that we recommend are Ecos, Seventh Generation, Meyer’s Clean Day, and Aspen Clean. But any gentle liquid detergent that you prefer is likely going to work great. We don’t recommend any form of detergent that says ‘Tough on Stains’. Or states it gets grass or grease out, as this generally means its a fairly harsh detergent and will not be very gentle.
  • Unlike cotton towels, you’ll notice that your bamboo towels will not acquire a mildew scent, as they naturally resist bacteria.
  • Bamboo towels can be reused for days, as they resist odor and bacteria, so you can hang dry and reuse before laundering.