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Super Soft - Super Cute
Review by Sarah Royer on 10/9/2019
I purchased 2 for each of my children, 3yrs and 5yrs, it fits both of them perfectly. I love that it's large enough to cover their chests and upper torso - so many of the other toddler towels don't do that.
this pillow is super comfortable!
Review by Sandra Bills on 10/9/2019
I got this last week from you, and already have fallen in love with it! I am so hard to please with pillows, and search and search for the perfect pillow, and finally found it! I am going to buy 4 more, and pass them out at Christmas, its the perfect pillow to use with BedVoyage pillowcases, I'm in love and so happy!
Perfect Temperature
Review by Anna Theogarajen on 10/9/2019
Finally, I found the perfect duvet insert - the bamboo fill really makes THE DIFFERENCE. I tried them all from expensive hypo-allergenic comforters to down and the bamboo comforter is the best, wish I had know before.
oh holy cow! this is so comfortable and perfect weight,
Review by Helen on 10/9/2019
I just got this, and my husband said 'why does the bed feel different?' because I didn't tell him about it before he got in bed. I explained that BedVoyage (we love all your products and only use them for our bedding!) started carrying a bamboo comforter so we had to have it. He told me in the morning that he really liked how lightweight it felt, but that he was neither hot nor cold during the night, it was perfect. Highly recommend this comforter!
great on the wallet!
Review by Ben Jameson on 10/9/2019
My mom and aunt had been telling me about these sheets (why, do they think I have hot flashes, hah!) and I thought they were too expensive for me, but then they told me about this new one of cotton and bamboo together, and the price was right so I did it! I totally dig these sheets, and my girlfriend said she wants some for Christmas, so that was easy! buy them, you'll like them for sure.
its my new sofa pillow!
Review by Kenzie K. on 10/9/2019
my brother bought this bamboo pillowcase and pillow insert for me because I had a trip to Costa Rica planned, and he thought it would be good on my flight. It was ! and it also was perfect for my hotel room, the bus ride to the excursion, and my sofa when I got home! I love it and its the perfect size for anywhere.
Review by Luchina on 10/8/2019
I bought these Facial Washcloths as a party gift for my book club when they hosted a little wine and cheese night, and the ladies were all SO excited about how soft they are, and couldn't wait to use them! I got feedback the following week and here is what some of them said:
'I've never used something so soft on my face before, made my cotton washcloths feel like sandpaper'
'I've never used a washcloth, I just used soap and water and rinsed, but i'm a devotee now of using a washcloth, but only THIS washcloth!'
'My husband took one of them into the shower and used it to soap up, and said he felt he was at the spa we went to on our honeymoon'
'with a little Aveeno and pinch of sugar for scrubbing, I've never felt so refreshed before bed, this was glorious!'
so, you can imagine I'll be gifting these beauties anytime I can, they all loved me for it!
love the feel!
Review by Kim F. on 10/7/2019
I've been buying your 100% bamboo items for years, but wanted to get something for my daughter that was more economical, and when you announced this new line I was really happy! It feels close to your 100% line, but a little more comfy, not sure how to describe it, but more casual and 'worn' feeling, she loves it and I loved the price, hah!
super adorbs on my little guy!
Review by Kim Harris on 10/7/2019
My son loves this panda hood, he made me look up what sound panda's make, so that he could run around copying them! turns out they sound like baby kittens with a high-pitch squeel, so goodness that is what i get to hear before his bedtime at night, but he love-love-loves this hooded towel!
my daughter loves this set!
Review by Lisa Kline on 10/2/2019
My daughter has been removing her flat sheet for years, it always ends up on the floor, and I explain it helps keep the duvet clean longer, but she says it gets in her way and makes it harder to make her bed so she just didn't. So when I got the announcement that you had a bottom sheet and duvet cover set, I immediately ordered her the gray one, and she is loving it and said its way easier to make her bed (at least she's making her bed!!! LOL) so I was thrilled! thank you for thinking of this!

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