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will never buy cotton sheets again!
Review by Lindsey Farlane on 10/14/2019
these are THE best sheets i have ever slept on, there is nothing that even compares. When you get into bed at night you are so happy to be in bed!

the best shopping deals around, for luxury!
Review by Deana Campbell on 10/11/2019
I watch this site every week, and whenever anything new pops in I take a look and see if a friend or family member could use it, its saves me TONS of money to shop your sales, love them!
its been to Paris, Amsterdam and London!
Review by Krystal on 10/11/2019
this blanket and pillow should have a passport, as its my new companion on my travels, LOL! its super soft and the pillowcase is a great size for me to just use as the pillow in my hotel, so i know its MINE and not used by a thousand other people. I'm loving them!
its my new snuggler!
Review by Melissa P. on 10/11/2019
I got this blanket from my mom, took it off her sofa actually! its THE perfect size to cover me when I watch tv, and i am going to buy one to give back to my mom!
sleeping so much better!
Review by Mandie P. on 10/10/2019
My girlfriend was given a set of these sheets and told me about them, my husband was a gem and got me some a couple weeks ago. Its been a sleep-saver for sure, I've gotten huge and grossly hot at night and my belly itches and is tight, and finally some sheets that feel amazing, keep me cooler, and don't tug at my sore skin. I am truly appreciative for these beautiful sheets, and the best part: I get to keep using them long after my daughter is born! i hear you make crib sheets too, so those are on my baby-shower list!
perfect for my lifestyle, no top sheet tangling up!
Review by Jared Kline on 10/10/2019
its been driving me nuts for years that all sheet sets come with a top sheet and I don't want it! I have to pay for it, and don't need it, so I've been giving them to my dad to use as car covers for his hot rods because there is nothing I can do with it. So finally somebody (thank you BedVoyage) figured it out and made a set that gets me all that i need for my bed. Congratulations for being so smart!
Silky & Cool to Touch
Review by Anastasia Kirkland on 10/9/2019
I love love love these!!! I will definitely be buying more!!!
Silky & Cool to Touch
Review by Anastasia Kirkland on 10/9/2019
No rating given
I love love love these!!! I will definitely be buying more!!!
so luxurious!
Review by Teresa Gunderson on 10/9/2019
this is the most beautiful coverlet I have ever used! Its so silky soft, elegant, adds weight but is not 'hot' and its SO gorgeous on my bed! its my new favorite thing :-)
love the look of these, and they are so pretty!
Review by Kendal Sransdar on 10/9/2019
These look so pretty on my bed, I am going to order the shamlet next, or maybe my boyfriend will get it for me!?

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