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a great value for sure!
Review by Jake Gilliland on 10/31/2019
I saw this on your sale page and have always wanted some bamboo bedding, so I picked this up for a try, and so glad I did. Its great looking, really soft, and my dog loves it too, and thankfully his fur doesn't seem to stick much, it comes off in the washing machine. awesome find!
I dont' get so hot
Review by Brian Smalley on 10/30/2019
its the best bedspread, you call it a coverlet, that i've ever had. its not heavy and I don't sweat, i put it over my comforter and its all I need for sleeping great.
so glad I found this blanket!
Review by Mary Stumm on 10/29/2019
i hate microfiber blankets because they are static-y and make you sweat, so I was so happy when I bought this blanket from Costco, I'm getting another one for my son's room!
Facial Washcloths Review
Review by Maria on 10/29/2019
The towel is sooo gentle! I am in love! But the best advantage of the tovel is that it's eco-friendly! What is better for futer mummy?
I sleep so much better in your sheets!
Review by Helene Ragen on 10/25/2019
i'm a hot flashin' queen right now, and so over it. But I heard about your sheets and got some, and its been heaven ever since. I was raging hot at night, my husband wanted to be far far away from me, and now we are snuggling again and I'm sleeping so good. thank you!
Perfect for my black & white baby room
Review by Jasmine Klein on 10/23/2019
I purchased mainly for the pattern, but oh my, when I picked it up, it was softer than my Aden & Anais swaddles! What a surprise! I need to get another, it's quickly becoming a favorite.
so super cozy soft!
Review by Tammy Kardan on 10/22/2019
this is the most darling towel, and my daughter loves wrapping in it after her bath, and wants to wear it for hours!
just the right items for my baby boy
Review by Krissa Reynolds on 10/21/2019
you had a sale when I was just about to deliver, and I ordered the Baby Essentials basket, and now Jake's 4 1/2 months old and its getting colder, and i feel so good about napping him with safe sheets and a warm blanket. Thanks for making these products, and we use the basket for his hats, its so darn cute!
great gift!
Review by Jerry Lucci on 10/21/2019
i bought these Euro's for my girlfriend, because she didn't have a headboard, so it 'made' a headboard look for her bed, and she was so happy. And its now comfortable when we watch movies in bed.
the cutest little pillow ever!
Review by Amy Silvers on 10/18/2019
I so love this darling pillow, I like to use it in the crook of my neck when reading in bed, thank you for making it the perfect size!

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