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you are smart!
Review by Lissbell on 12/6/2020
I'm telling all my friends to buy these, well the ones that don't like flats anyway! They just get tangled and I hate using one, this was perfect for me.
Perfect for me
Review by Jeff Skyns on 12/6/2020
This is the first time I've found a company that makes a set that doesn't have the top sheet. I never know what to do with them because I don't use it, so now I didn't have to pay for one, thank you!
a super gift!
Review by Ingrid Thordsen on 12/6/2020
I felt pretty good when I gifted this to my cousin at her baby shower, and she raved about bamboo in front of all the gals, thanks for making something good for babies skin and made me look good, LOL!
love the color!
Review by Aliza Hansen on 12/6/2020
Its looks like a masculine color, but goes so well in my bathroom that is a pale pink, thanks for making towels that are soft and a great color to fit most styles!
dries me off quickly
Review by Susan R. on 12/6/2020
I've never had a towel that dried me off so well, AND was so soft! I've told all my guy friends to go order them!
great size.
Review by Larry Turner on 12/6/2020
great size, maybe a little too big for my wife but I love them, so I bought her the regular size bath towels. She's happy with those too!
incredibly absorbent
Review by Micky on 12/6/2020
incredibly absorbent, I didn't think it would be because the towels are so soft, but they say they are absorbent and its true!
super soft!
Review by Kimber Littleton on 12/6/2020
I love these towels! My mom gave me one of hers, then I ordered more for both of my bathrooms, these are so soft i love them!
Love the Eco-melange!!
Review by Jan D. on 10/20/2020
These are the best sheets (and I’ve tried a lot). They are cooler in my opinion than the 100% bamboo sheets. I don’t know why but they are. Also very soft and snuggly. Please make these in more colors as I already have both the white and silver.
Review by Tara bruhns on 9/29/2020
The towels are great and hold up well. It takes extra time to dry after washing.

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