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Review by Shawna, Portland OR on 6/5/2013
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If you like the glossy look of satin but the comfy feel of flannel, bamboo is a great, sustainable substitute. Bamboo bedding has a subtle glossy finish. It's not as reflective as satin, but it has a nice sheen, and they are much, much softer than traditional cotton. And the great thing about bamboo sheets is that they are naturally antimicrobial, so they are great for people who have allergies or other health concerns.
Review by Di, Missoula, MO on 4/21/2013
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I love your sheets and just purchased a second set and a second set of pillowcases to go with a set I already have. I am SO sold on your sheets, I can't even sleep on cotton anymore, they are too scratchy and noisy!
Review by Liz and Dale, San Diego, CA on 9/8/2012
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I LOVE my new sheets! They are so soft and light and floaty and comfy! You can't go wrong with ordering this yummy fabric, now I want the towels!
Review by Mary, Pocantico Hills, New York on 5/12/2012
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When I felt BedVoyage sheets for the first time, my only thought was WOW! The next thought was, I want these on my bed! The feel of them is simply indescribable, I would honestly prefer these sheets to silk, any day of the week. Because they don't simply feel amazing, they perform amazingly well too, they're machine washable, and they'll stand up to years of wear and tear. If you think bamboo blends are soft and silky, you are in for a real treat with this bamboo material, you've got to feel it for yourself!
Review by Corinne, Orting, WA on 5/8/2012
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I have to tell you that your sheets are 1000% AMAZING!!!! I woke up multiple times last night and thought, "Ahhh, these sheets are so soft. I LOVE THEM!!! When I got home from class my boyfriend kept going on and on about how wonderful the sheets were and how much HE loves them! I am going to carry the tote from my travel set in my car so that when I tell people about my new favorite sheets I can show them the fabric. I'm blown away. My hat's off to you, BedVoyage, you have created an outstanding product that I can see going global!
Review by Elizabeth, San Antonio, TX on 3/1/2011
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If you have never slept on bamboo sheets, you don't know what you are missing. They are truly the softest, most luxurious, breathable sheets I have ever owned. I'm not over-exaggerating. Before I knew anything about green living, I used to like the feel of satin sheets. However, I hated slipping and sliding all over the bed every time I moved, and they got pretty cold in the winter.
Review by Kim, Delta, BC on 5/6/2010
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I just want to tell you all, Sharon, Angie and everyone that has helped me over the last few months, THANK YOU!!!!!! I used my new towel today and LOVED it and I could hardly wait to get my sheets and put them on. They are just SO yummy. I love your product and now my husband is a convert as well. His CPAP does not interact with the Bamboo so there is no smell emanating from his headgear to gas me out at night. I can cuddle with my hubby thanks to you and be warm when he kicks off the blankets. Thank you ALL so VERY, VERY much.
Review by DR. Hannan, New Jersey on 7/2/2009
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Just a quick note: thank you for such high quality affordable bedding that feels luxurious AND is gentle to use for sensitive sensitive skin sufferers!! My family member has bad eczema and these sheets REALLY made a difference! They are anti-microbial and wash well!

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