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Review by Celeste, Tacoma, WA on 6/1/2014
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Our memory foam mattress is very comfortable, but is very warm and woke me up continuously throughout the night which made me very tired during the day. I had heard about your sheets and found them at Costco almost a year ago. I was so excited to try them out I immediately put them on my bed the same day. Amazing! They are so soft and comfortable, but better than that I slept through the night and have ever since! Thank you!
Review by Renita, Santee, CA on 3/14/2014
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A couple of years ago I was in the North Seattle Costco when your firm was represented with a road show. The price of the sheet sets gave me pause but for several reasons I chose to bite the bullet and bought one set of sheets. I never felt such comfort. So light, so wonderful. I was able to tolerate a top sheet on my body for the first time in years as it was that soft. I have Fibromyalgia and found that sleeping with just a VERY soft blanket over my body was about all I could tolerate at night. Even sheets with high thread count (600 to 800) were not something my body liked and my heels had worn holes in several of the fitted sheets. There were no words to describe the comfort in the sheets I bought from you all. So I had no 2nd thoughts about buying a second set the next time I saw your road show at Costco.
Review by Brandon, Phoenix AZ on 2/7/2014
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I love my bamboo BedVoyage sheet set! I have washed them at least 20 times and they get softer and softer with each washing. I stay warm in them, but not hot. I don't have any other sheets for my bed at home and don't like to sleep in beds without them!!! I just purchased another set to travel with for business and pleasure.
Review by Matt, Spokane, WA on 1/17/2014
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I am a bit of a germaphobe so the benefits that come with bamboo make me simply feel like I am sleeping on hygienic sheets, and the fact that they are so soft is just a plus! Definitely a good buy!
Review by Karla, Brier, WA on 10/23/2013
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I cannot begin to tell you how much more dry I sleep, I create my own 'personal summers' and used to wake up drenched, not anymore! I don't even get so hot in the first place, so thank you BedVoyage for these incredible sheets!!!
Review by Lita, San Jose, CA on 8/10/2013
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I am very happy with the new sheets and will recommend to family/friends! Thank you!
Review by Brenda, Seattle, WA on 6/6/2013
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BedVoyage travel sheets are softer than I expected and are great for allergy sensitive kids, we travel with them everywhere we go... With many thanks!
Review by Shawna, Portland OR on 6/5/2013
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If you like the glossy look of satin but the comfy feel of flannel, bamboo is a great, sustainable substitute. Bamboo bedding has a subtle glossy finish. It's not as reflective as satin, but it has a nice sheen, and they are much, much softer than traditional cotton. And the great thing about bamboo sheets is that they are naturally antimicrobial, so they are great for people who have allergies or other health concerns.
Review by Di, Missoula, MO on 4/21/2013
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I love your sheets and just purchased a second set and a second set of pillowcases to go with a set I already have. I am SO sold on your sheets, I can't even sleep on cotton anymore, they are too scratchy and noisy!
Review by Liz and Dale, San Diego, CA on 9/8/2012
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I LOVE my new sheets! They are so soft and light and floaty and comfy! You can't go wrong with ordering this yummy fabric, now I want the towels!

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