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Sage Queen Sheets
Review by Marie on 10/28/2015
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I purchased my first set of these sheets while shopping at Costco in Reno, NV. I washed them following the directions before putting them on our bed. They feel sooooooo silky and luxurious. Since we have a very thick mattress and a thick gel pad on our bed, it's always a struggle putting the fitted sheet around it. But the fitted sheet fit perfectly. I just love them.
I have another set I purchased through another vendor, however, these sheets are far superior!!!
Soooo soft!!!
Review by Lesa Springer on 10/28/2015
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I purchased these sheets several months ago at a Costco road show. They are the softest sheets I have ever owned! They wash beautifully and are wrinkle free if you take out of the dryer when cycle is complete. Cool in the summer and warm in the winter. I also purchased the matching duvet.
Love these products
Review by Angie on 10/27/2015
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I have the sheets, duvet cover and blanket on my bed. I absolutely love them. They are super soft and nice and cool in the summer.
Love these sheet!
Review by Shama Patel on 9/26/2015
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I bought the sage green sometime ago and loved them - so cool in the warm weather and warm in winter! Now replacing all the sheets with bamboo sheets.
I am a sheet snob!
Review by Donna on 9/25/2015
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Two years ago I need to purchase queen sheets and spoke with the gal at Costco and she won me over. Of course I washed them when I got home and was shocked that they were like cardboard out of the washer. Oh Boy! Then I pulled them out of the dryer shortly after and they were like silk. I purchase another set, so I would not have to be without. The more I washed, the better they were. WE moved and I switched beds around and got a king bed. I grabbed some Kirkland sheets. I was miserable. My teenage son, who has the queen bed and MY QUEEN SHEETS, comes to me on the first night and said. Wow, mom, those sheets are the BEST! A month later it was my birthday and I was treated to two sets of king bed sheets and I sleep like a princess. I never want to be without these sheets EVER. I love them. I also have the throw blanket I use when I watch TV, summer or winter its perfect. Don't change a thing. you are perfect. Peace and love.
Cal King sheets
Review by Debra Putnam on 6/9/2015
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I thought I would pick up a set of
white Bedvoyage sheets at Costco. I thought that 130$ was a bit more than the Kirkland set that needed to be replaced. I washed them up and was instantly won over to the feel of these sheets. Five star quality. I couldn't be happier and am looking forward to switching all of my linens and towels over to Bedvoyage. Also, of all my years of buying bedding, and I have plenty of years, I have never found a set of sheets where the fitted sheet actually fits completely all the way around the mattress. That always annoys me. Not anymore. I love these sheets!!!!
Review by Dora luz Munoz on 5/27/2015
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Esto es lo mejor que e Comprado secan mas rapido no se hulen mal y estan muy suavecitas definitivamente si las recomiendo
Worth Every Penny
Review by S. Till on 5/4/2015
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This is the first time that I invested in good quality sheets. These sheets are so soft, cool, silky, and simply wonderful. Out of the box I knew I did the perfect thing for myself and husband. Yay!
King size Sheet Set
Review by Mike Zolkiewicz on 4/29/2015
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We purchased two sets of these sheets 4 years ago (Ivory & Champagne) and WOW! They arrived silky-smooth, cool to the touch but warm underneath with a linen-like drape. I have experienced sheet sets like this and thought that I might as well enjoy the 'newness' while it lasted - however, the sheets retained their characteristics (smooth, cool to the touch, warm linen-like drape) but only became softer and softer with each wash! Very early on there was minimal pilling of the fabric but this resolved within 4 weeks (2 sheet changes each set).
I am now online buying 3 new King Sheet sets to replace our older 2 sets (which have lasted 4 plus years and are ready to be retired!)
BedVoyage Duvet Cover: Champagne/Cayenne
Review by Mike Zolkiewicz on 4/29/2015
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We purchased the King size Duvet Cover two years ago and have never once regretted our purchase. The material is a little bit thinner than I thought but has held it's shape and with each wash it becomes softer and softer! No pilling noticed, excellent purchase with BedVoyage - The best Bamboo Products available in the US!

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