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Review by P. Williams on 6/28/2016
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BedVoyage is simply superior.
Review by Penny on 6/28/2016
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I've used bamboo sheets and have sung it's wonders to my friends for years. I recently purchased another set from the same store, but didn't realize it was a different company - same price. I was so disappointed in the quality of the sheets. They are not soft, or cooling, and make a rustling kind of noise. I will be returning them and purchasing BedVoyage sheets which are simply superior.
Un-Cruise Adventures Review
Review by Patrick Rice, Manager of Hotel Operations on 6/21/2016
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I am the Hotel Operations Manager for a cruise line operating 9 small vessels (between 22 and 88 guests each). I have been very impressed with BedVoyage. The service is impeccable. Sharon is responsive and sensitive to the unique needs and constraints we face with operating so many boats in so many far flung areas. This has at times included Sharon personally delivering linens to our office in order to get them air freighted out in time. They are responsive on email, allowing me to make decisions and get answers in a timely manner.

The quality and look of the sheets and coverlets is second to none. They are extraordinarily comfortable and beautiful. They hold up over time and repeated washings. I often travel for work and, regardless of the hotel I stay at, I crave the set of BedVoyage sheets that I personally use on my bed.

We continue to be pleased with the level of service and quality offered by BedVoyage. I encourage other operators to utilize them as well.
The Maxwell House Review
Review by Penny Bingham on 6/21/2016
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The King bed in the Ravishing Rose Room has ivory sheets and the sage green
duvet. Bamboo linens are to the bed what gourmet food is to the kitchen.
Salish Lodge Review
Review by Kayleigh Mallory, Purchasing Receiver on 6/20/2016
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BedVoyage does not only have wonderful quality linen but excellent customer service.

We get custom sized sheets made that our guests love; they often call us a few days after their stay asking to purchase some of the sheets. They are of a very high quality, we have never thrown any away because they have deteriorated, only due to stains.

Sharon and her staff will bend over backwards to take care of their customers and that is a very rare quality in a company now a days. They are a pleasure to work with.

I would highly recommend this company and their products.
Bamboo Fiber Sheets
Review by Marilda Paranhos on 2/17/2016
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They are really wonderful on both Winter and Summer!!!
sheets, coverlet and duvet cover
Review by Angie on 2/4/2016
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I have all 3 of these on my bed. I absolutely love them. The coverlet is the perfect amount of cover is the summer. This company is amazing. There was a rip by my zipper that I noticed after a year. I e mailed and asked if they had been hearing about rips. They said no but they would replace the item. Now that's customer service.
Best sheets EVER!!
Review by Christa P. on 1/17/2016
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As others have said, the sheets feel stiff when first taking them out of the package and they should be washed prior to putting them on your bed. I did and after they were dry and on the bed- I was really happy. Very very soft, never hot or cold, pretty much perfect. The sheets are generously sized and though they may seem smaller after drying, they always relax a return to their original generous size. The real endorsement comes from my husband, who actually commented on their feel and size (first linens he has commented on) I'm replacing all of our linens as they age with these! p.s. Tried other "bamboo" sheets and these are the best!
Happy, happy!!
Review by Molly on 1/2/2016
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The BEST, BEST, and I'm a sheet elitist. If only I'd had them when I was having night sweats . . . I do have a sleeping companion who runs super-heated, though, so these are great for us, as I run cold!
NEVER another night w/o BAMBOO
Review by Vicki Ledbetter on 12/27/2015
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I LOVE my sheets so much they are so soft. They stay on my bed and are like sleeping on a cloud.
They don't wrinkle and just have gotten better with time.
I bought another brand thinking they would be comparable, they were AWFUL! they went right back to the store...
Only BedVoyage for Me

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