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King size Sheet Set
Review by Mike Zolkiewicz on 4/29/2015
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We purchased two sets of these sheets 4 years ago (Ivory & Champagne) and WOW! They arrived silky-smooth, cool to the touch but warm underneath with a linen-like drape. I have experienced sheet sets like this and thought that I might as well enjoy the 'newness' while it lasted - however, the sheets retained their characteristics (smooth, cool to the touch, warm linen-like drape) but only became softer and softer with each wash! Very early on there was minimal pilling of the fabric but this resolved within 4 weeks (2 sheet changes each set).
I am now online buying 3 new King Sheet sets to replace our older 2 sets (which have lasted 4 plus years and are ready to be retired!)
BedVoyage Duvet Cover: Champagne/Cayenne
Review by Mike Zolkiewicz on 4/29/2015
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We purchased the King size Duvet Cover two years ago and have never once regretted our purchase. The material is a little bit thinner than I thought but has held it's shape and with each wash it becomes softer and softer! No pilling noticed, excellent purchase with BedVoyage - The best Bamboo Products available in the US!
Review by Kelley on 4/7/2015
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We bought these almost 8 years ago at Costco and they are still going strong. We liked them so much we bought additional colors and don't use anything else on our bed. Yes, they are pricey, but we feel they are 100% worth the cost. Invest, you won't be sorry.
Review by Sally Hart on 1/28/2015
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I was hesitant about whether I would like the feel because the feel is what I love about sheets.
I bought some when I was in the US from Australia. I was looking at them and another woman told me she bought them and I wouldn't believe how beautiful they are. I figured it was worth a try and deeply regret not buying more. I haven't bought anything else in Australia since and am now going to seek them out in line or when back in the US.
Review by Beth on 1/28/2015
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Just LOVE them! I received my set of sheets & duvet cover and they went straight from the UPS drivers hand to mine and then to the washer/dryer, followed by me putting them on my bed! Then I just slipped into the soft warm covers. Ahhhhh
They came at a perfect time as I live on the East Coast and we are having a snow storm. I must admit, they do make it easy to hit the snooze on the alarm for just a few more minutes to enjoy resting in comfort. Did I say, I just LOVE them!
I know all the customers that purchased them at the road show will feel the same!
Thanks for your great customer service
First Time Buyer - I'm Obsessed!
Review by Chrissy on 11/18/2014
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I've heard from several people how great Bamboo sheets are. The trouble I had was not finding them, but getting the right price. Not only are they the real deal (not a bamboo cotton blend) but they price here is very compet**ive. The shipping was quick and easy as well.
I love the sheets, they get softer with every wash, and have not ripped, pilled or shrunk. I have never slept better in the winter or summer than on these sheets. I will be buying another set or two to continue the rotation!! I don't regret anything with BedVoyage.
Love them
Review by Peggy on 11/6/2014
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I was hesitant to get the sheets. Washing in cold just goes against my core. But, they are the softest, most comfortable sheets I have ever owned! Love them, just wish I had gotten more than one set at Costco.
Fantastic sheets
Review by Patricia on 10/15/2014
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A friend recommended bamboo sheets after my frequent complaints of waking up at night from being overheated. I absolutely love these sheets. My sleep is rarely interrupted from over heating during the night anymore. I have seen complaints from people with how much they wrinkle. They do wrinkle but I iron my pillow cases anyway. I also iron the top of the flat sheet as well. For me that is an extremely minor compromise for the comfort they offer me. As an experiment, I went back to my 500 TC cotton sheets and barely endured one night. Thank you for making such great bamboo sheets! I am sold on them.
Sheets are amazing
Review by Lori Baird on 10/10/2014
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These sheet are amazing! Light as a feather and just feel so good. It is hard to say how they feel because it is so like no other. Soft and the drape across you as you sleep not interrupting or tangling up on you while you sleep.
Customer Service
Review by Mary B. on 9/23/2014
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Thank you for the exceptional customer service from you & BedVoyage. Everyone I spoke to was always courteous & helpful. I'm very impressed with the way my problem was handled. It's refreshing to see a company not only put out a great product but to carry through that finesse into their customer interactions. I will definitely consider BedVoyage for my future bedding & towel needs & be glad to make referrals.

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