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with bamboo: no stinky towels ever again
Review by Mick Michaelson on 9/16/2019
my doctor told me to get bamboo towels because I have eczema, and any rough fabrics just makes it worse. So I bought the BedVoyage Champagne towels and have been using them for 2 weeks, they're pretty dang gentle on my skin AND they don't smell like cotton towels, in fact there is NO smell, even when I've used them for a few days. You gotta love that in Florida where everything gets a mildew smell!
best night of sleep ever!
Review by Drea Materos on 9/16/2019
My husband told me I was nuts for spending money on these sheets, UNTIL he got into bed and said 'ok, based on feel, so far I'm loving them, let's see how I sleep, I'll tell you in the morning'. He gets up before me in the morning and he actually woke me up to say he'd had one of the best sleeps of the year! I didn't roll over and flip my pillow like i usually do, so I'm going to have to agree that I slep great. I'll be telling everyone tonight at my book club, yay!
Trust me - these are the BEST SHEETS EVER!
Review by Sarah on 9/11/2019
These will change your life, literally, if you are a comfort creature, if you LOVE sleeping, if you know what quality feels like, you'll be a lifetime groupie of these 100% bamboo sheets, no fillers, not a blend, these are the real deal, they are the smoothest most soothing sheet's you'll ever own.
my hair stays so nice when I wake up!
Review by Annabell G. on 9/11/2019
I have thinning hair, and oh boy do these pillowcases take such good care of my poor hair! The fabric somehow doesn't pull or tug or grab my hair like cotton pillowcases do. I am overjoyed, and so is my hair!
Bed Sheets
Review by Scott Wilson on 1/31/2019
No rating given
I bought a set of bamboo bed sheets and an oversized blanket. I love them. The material is super soft and keeps me warm. Great way to end a stressful day is crawl in a bed with these sheets and blankets and drift off to dreamland.
Review by Sylvia V. on 12/28/2018
No rating given
We are at 38 degrees at night, and we turn the heat off. Last night I used your sheets and blanket with my cotton bedspread. We both felt warm and comfy all night without the weight of two fleece blankets. My husband said he didn’t wake up sweating. Amazing products.
Sylvia V. 12-28-18
From a Clinical Psychologist
Review by Lisa Shaw on 10/1/2018
No rating given
I am a clinical psychologist in private practice. I love BedVoyage sheets and duvet covers. The bamboo is very breathable and stays pretty dry during night sweats. It makes it easy to sleep well through the night. The sheets are very soft and always feel comfortable. Thank you!
Healthcare Review
Review by Elizabeth Croy, BSN, RN, CNOR on 10/1/2018
No rating given
My testimony is simple. I love coming home after a long shift and snuggling under your sheets. I work 8-12 hour days in an operating room on my feet and I am tired when I get home. Your sheets are cool, comfortable and incredibly soft wash after wash. They have helped me a lot with the beginnings of hormone changes and hot flashes. Thank you for making a wonderful product that my husband and I and both our boys will continue to sleep on for as long as we are able. The crib set for the baby and the blue twin set for the older one are fantastic and wash well.
Heathcare Review
Review by Brianna Benz on 10/1/2018
No rating given
I saw your request for a review from a health professional. I have your sheets, bath towels and travel blanket. I love all 3! They are all so soft and they last a really long time. I won’t use any other brand!
Allergies and Eczema Relief
Review by Peggy Estela, RN on 10/1/2018
No rating given
Over the years, I have suffered from allergies. Despite using non allergenic pillows, and getting rid of all of the curtains and carpets in my bedroom, and vacuuming frequently, I still felt stuffy at night and woke up woozy in the mornings. I bought a set of your BedVoyage bamboo sheets last year and could immediately tell the difference. My breathing was better at night, and my stuffy nose was gone. They are the only sheets I will use now. Also, your sheets are the only sheets that haven't bothered my son's eczema . There is no pilling or rubbing, or that sandpaper feel he complained about with other sheets he's used. I have since bought a second set of sheets for each bed so I can always have and extra one available. I count it as a health care expense and it is well worth it!
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