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Heathcare Review
Review by Brianna Benz on 10/1/2018
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I saw your request for a review from a health professional. I have your sheets, bath towels and travel blanket. I love all 3! They are all so soft and they last a really long time. I won’t use any other brand!
Allergies and Eczema Relief
Review by Peggy Estela, RN on 10/1/2018
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Over the years, I have suffered from allergies. Despite using non allergenic pillows, and getting rid of all of the curtains and carpets in my bedroom, and vacuuming frequently, I still felt stuffy at night and woke up woozy in the mornings. I bought a set of your BedVoyage bamboo sheets last year and could immediately tell the difference. My breathing was better at night, and my stuffy nose was gone. They are the only sheets I will use now. Also, your sheets are the only sheets that haven't bothered my son's eczema . There is no pilling or rubbing, or that sandpaper feel he complained about with other sheets he's used. I have since bought a second set of sheets for each bed so I can always have and extra one available. I count it as a health care expense and it is well worth it!
Your current and future customer.
Review by Debbie on 10/1/2018
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Good morning my name is Debbie Krecu. I originally discovered BedVoyage about 1 1/2 yrs ago at Costco in Dana Point. I had been searching for the perfect sheets and spent soooo much money and time and never found the right sheets until BedVoyage.
Some of the issues I found with other brands were the texture and for a menopausal woman having night sweats and hot flashes well let’s just say I didn’t get much sleep and my sheets would be soaked. But since I’ve been using BedVoyage I sleep better and rarely if ever have any issues with night sweats. I love these sheets so much I now own four pair of sheets, two duvet covers, three euro shams and two blankets. I plan to keep adding to my collection because I now have an RV and I will now be purchasing some for that. I’ve told many of my friends about BedVoyage.
Thank you for creating these beautiful products!!
Love, Love, Love them!!
Review by Jodi Agee on 9/11/2018
No rating given
I purchased a Queen set at Costco. My 9 year old daughter and I are in love with your sheets!!! Love, Love, Love them!! I returned to Costco for a twin set to find out twin was not available in Costco. The sales rep for BedVoyage said I'd get a discount for ordering on line and free shipping. I see on line here its a 15% discount and I thank you so very much. I'm not able to pick up my order because I also work till 5. I've gotten my mom and sister to purchase a set of sheets and they are also so very happy. Thank you for such a wonderful nights sleep.
My life has come to a standstill!
Review by R. Sawtelle on 12/18/2017
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I have a set of King White sheets, and they are literally the only sheets I've used since I got them. After 8 years of weekly washing, they finally started to wear out! My girlfriend bought a set of regular sheets a few years back after she moved in, I said nope, not happening lady. I've been using those backup cotton sheets since Friday, and I hate them. Your sheets are pretty high-end, usually way outside my pay grade but I can't live without them! MUST get a set of these sheets back in my life!
Love them!
Review by Michala on 10/5/2017
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The BedVoyage sheets are so soft and comfortable. My parents, brother, and I all have either the duvet or sheet set, and we love them! I've never slept in such wonderful sheets before. Not only are the sheets great, but the staff is friendly, too! Thanks so much for the awesome sheets!
Review by Minnie Siebold on 3/29/2017
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I loved the duvets, they rock!!!
Feels like heaven
Review by Stephanie on 2/20/2017
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I seriously think I've been spoiled beyond hope by these sheets. Everything else feels like sandpaper to me now, no matter highly rated they are on other sites. I'm not sure if this is a characteristic of all bamboo rayon or whether Bedvoyage just does a particularly good job of it. Either way, I feel I can confidently say you haven't truly lived until you've tried these sheets. I do wish the prices were a little lower but it's so worth the investment. I've had mine for 6 years now and they're still as good as the day I first got them. No pills, frays, holes, etc.
Duvet covers
Review by GG on 10/9/2016
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About a year ago I bought 3 duvet covers and pillow cases. Our spoiled bulldogs sleep on our bed every night so we have to wash the covers at least once a week. They come out beautifully when I wash them and hang them folded on the railing outside. No wrinkles ??I love this product! Just getting my next order ready.
Villa Linda Mar Review
Review by Linda Kuehl, Owner of Villa Linda Mar on 9/26/2016
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Our Eco-resort Villa Linda Mar opened two years ago and we have been using BedVoyage sheets and towels since the day we opened. We receive so many compliments from our guests about your products. They especially like the quality and absorbency of the towels. We have provided your website information to many guests so that they could buy your products for their own home. Your bamboo linens are the perfect product for an Eco-resort located in a tropical beachfront climate.

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