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its nice to find a SOFT towel that actually dries you off!
Review by James Melbourne on 10/1/2019
my wife likes super soft towels, and I hate them. Most of them don't actually dry you off, they just look good. But BedVoyage towels do it! I'm a hairy guy and this towel actually makes me feel dry, not just damp/dry. thanks for making a towel that works.
just what we needed
Review by Liz Greenburg on 9/30/2019
My sister-in-law gave us the Comfort Essentials set at Gender Reveal party and oh my goodness it is so cute! She knew I loved pandas so now I get to wrap our little baby girl in pandas, so special!
love these towels!
Review by Brian Kaffe on 9/27/2019
that is about all there is to say, i LOVE these frickin' towels!
got this blanket at a Flash Sale, diggin it!
Review by Kyle Reddy on 9/26/2019
You guys had a flash sale a couple weeks ago, and its gotten cold where I'm at in Nebraska, so i took advantage of the sale. Gotta say that its surely keeping me warmer at night, but not sweaty!
my baby is not getting hot in this swaddle, she's a little heater normally
Review by Haley Drumble on 9/25/2019
I was given a few swaddles at my shower, and 1 had butterflies on it so I am a fan of them and kept using that swaddle but I noticed Aspen was getting really hot, so I switched to the BedVoyage leaf printed swaddle and Aspen was not getting sweaty from it, which was a big deal for me because she is such a hot-skinned baby! I've told a few of my pregnant girlfriends about BedVoyage and one of them was going to get your maternity sheets, wish I'd known about those 7 months ago!
Blaise's new lovey!
Review by Gina Robins on 9/24/2019
My mom gave me this blanket when my son was 6 months old, as he has a bit of eczema and she heard bamboo is gentle against the skin, and oh boy does he love this blanket! it makes me feel good that there are products out there that help, its been a struggle for my baby and this really helps, thank you!
sooooooooooooo soft!
Review by Crystal Langione on 9/20/2019
Week 27 of my pregnancy, and thankfully summer is over, but goodness its getting uncomfortable. My mom has been buying Bedvoyage sheets since she saw you at the Fullerton Costco and she bought me the maternity sheets 2 weeks ago. I've been sleeping so good, the fabric feels so good on my skin (tight sore belly!) and I am sleeping so much better. I'd recommend them to anyone, not just pregnant women!
fits my pillow great
Review by Glen Reddinger on 9/19/2019
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so i'm not a big 'pillow' guy, but I need 4 pillows on my bed so I can tuck one under my art at night (have shoulder pain) so I figured I'd try something sort of fancy on my bed. What i like about these covers is that they are not frilly or girly but do make me feel like my bed is a bit dressed-up. And the pillows fit great inside them!
my girlfriend said this was the best baby shower gift she received!
Review by Isabella Gomez on 9/18/2019
I was so happy when my best friend took me aside during her baby shower and whispered that my gift was her favorite! She'd been reading about bamboo fabrics and how gentle they are on babies skin (ironically she'd seen a couple BedVoyage blog and recognized the products when she opened it!) and she'd been wanting bamboo swaddles and crib bedding, so it made me so happy to hear she REALLY wanted and needed these particular things!
I love to read in bed!
Review by Cassie Blenkins on 9/17/2019
These are the most perfect prop-up pillows for when I read in bed, I bought the inserts at BBB and they are so comfy to lean against when I'm reading. I had been trying to use by 2 King pillows but they don't go up high enough to give my neck a rest, so I'm really pleased that you had Euro's to match the color of my Duvet I got from you. Thanks for helping my bad habit of reading half the night!

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