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Love the Eco-melange!!
Review by Jan D. on 10/20/2020
These are the best sheets (and I’ve tried a lot). They are cooler in my opinion than the 100% bamboo sheets. I don’t know why but they are. Also very soft and snuggly. Please make these in more colors as I already have both the white and silver.
Review by Tara bruhns on 9/29/2020
The towels are great and hold up well. It takes extra time to dry after washing.
Best Sheets Ever!
Review by LisaT on 8/3/2020
No rating given
The only sheets my family will sleep on. Got a set for each of my grown children, then found out they were washing them and putting them back on the bed the same day. Good excuse to buy them another set!
Duvet Cover
Review by Nina on 7/12/2020
We purchased the Queen size Duvet Cover in June. I love it. There is nothing more to say about it. Nice thin material without sweating in it. My next order is already in the shopping cart. THAT is pure quality
Great Baby Gift
Review by Jessica Bev on 5/14/2020
Impressed when I saw this - it was adorably packaged and is super soft.
Great Baby Gift
Review by Jessica on 5/14/2020
Really great quality - impressed when I received - highly recommend as a quick, high quality baby present.
helped me through my cancer recovery
Review by Monica Meredith on 5/10/2020
I just wanted to share with you how pleased I have been with the two Bed Voyage split king sheet sets I purchased. Having been recently diagnosed with breast cancer, I was so happy that your products are chemical-free and would be safe for me to use while I receive my chemotherapy treatments. They have provided me with an extremely soft and comforting bed where I can rest and relax. keeping me warm or cool as needed during my recovery. I plan to continue to use your sheets exclusively, I love them so much!
Best sheets ever!
Review by Melissa on 2/12/2020
I bought a pair of queen size 3-4 years ago and I love them! they are so soft and great quality! We upgraded to a King size. I need to buy a new pair. Well worth the $$.
never had a duvet I liked so much!
Review by Kimmon P. on 12/17/2019
this is so scrumptiously soft that I've brought a couple people into my bedroom (and had to clean it first, ugh) to show them how this feels, its just the best and I don't believe I'll ever buy from any other company, totally fell for this duvet cover!
i can't tell you how much I adore this coverlet
Review by The Happiest Customer! on 12/6/2019
shopping for great bedding has been a passion of mine, i relish great sheets and all that goes on your bed, more than most people. Comfort, coziness, luxury, feel, durability, and soft matter to me the most and I have hunted for the perfect coverlet for years, and finally found it, I've recommended these to so many people! Go for it :-)

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