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Love these sheets
Review by CatsMeow on 4/12/2021
Bought these a few years ago at Costco and have used them exclusively since then. They are cool and feel great on skin, no pilling. A few months ago I attempted to buy more Costco sheets and they pilled up on the first night. I haven't seen BedVoyage at my Costco since I bought these a few years ago. So glad I did. I want to get a new color, so glad I found their website. These are fabulous sheets and I will continue to seek them out as long as they keep their quality and don't compromise or try to change a good thing!
Review by Demi S. on 2/21/2021
No rating given
The blanket is lightweight and warm without leaving you feeling overheated. It washes and dries very well.
Duvet a great surprise
Review by M. J. on 2/18/2021
No wrinkles!! I've been using bamboo sheets from various vendors for years and took a chance on this duvet cover. Just fantastic. I was surprised when I took it out of the dryer and worked to get the comforter in that any wrinkles just smoothed right out. With use, it still looks soft and freshly laundered. I'm very impressed after a month or so of use.
I won't buy any other sheets
Review by Darci F on 12/31/2020
I LOVE these sheets and blankets so much, I won't buy other sheets!
never slept so well!
Review by Missy Rike on 12/7/2020
the crazy-softest sheets I've ever slept on!!!
love more colors!
Review by Ted Redding on 12/7/2020
I so appreciate these soft towels, and if you ever decide to make a dark green, that fits my decor. thanks!
Review by Kevin on 12/7/2020
I got these for my mom, and then spent the night visiting and got to use them, oh my goodness they are amazing!
woohoo love my bath towels!
Review by Classy on 12/7/2020
I'm so tired of scratch cotton towels, so I appreciate these scrumptuos towels!
love love love
Review by Crystal Hamptom on 12/6/2020
oh thank you for making something to pamper me! I'm so happy I googled and found your products, I feel so snuggled-in and comfy at night on my new sheets, they are a God-send for my belly!
great deals
Review by Karl Sienfelt on 12/6/2020
I like finding things on sale here and buying them as gifts, nobody has to know that they were a killer deal for me, but they get a great gift!

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