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I use them as my pillowcases
Review by Leesa Trainer on 11/11/2019
I love the feel of these so much, and how nice and tight they fit my standard size pillows that I use them as my pillowcases! then my bed always looks made, my trick for quick bed-making! and they are soooooooooo soft, I am in love!
perfect for working in bed
Review by Brett Cramer on 11/8/2019
I ordered 2 of these little pillows and I use them to prop up my next in bed, and 1 to balance my laptop on when working in bed. They are super soft and great as little side pillows too!
I filled the baskets with my daughters books and she adores them!
Review by Candy Lissom on 11/7/2019
These are the dang cutest things, we put all of my daughters bed time books in them, and she gets to choose her book each night, and gives the panda's a little good night kiss, so precious!
thank you for making the softest duvet ever!
Review by Kelsy Pratt on 11/6/2019
I snuggle into this duvet every night with my cat, and we both love how it feels, thank you for making it!
the hand towels are great in the kitchen!
Review by James W. on 11/4/2019
We've been using the hand towels as kitchen towels for about the last 3 years, and they are really great for drying the counter off quickly, and for not having a mildew-sour stink like cotton dish towels can. We totally love these the kitchen!
love it!
Review by Alissa Meers on 11/1/2019
Bamboo is simply amazing, its lightweight but keeps you warm, its also lightweight but keeps you cool, when you need it! I've told so many people about bamboo blankets, and BedVoyage, thank you!
a great value for sure!
Review by Jake Gilliland on 10/31/2019
I saw this on your sale page and have always wanted some bamboo bedding, so I picked this up for a try, and so glad I did. Its great looking, really soft, and my dog loves it too, and thankfully his fur doesn't seem to stick much, it comes off in the washing machine. awesome find!
I dont' get so hot
Review by Brian Smalley on 10/30/2019
its the best bedspread, you call it a coverlet, that i've ever had. its not heavy and I don't sweat, i put it over my comforter and its all I need for sleeping great.
so glad I found this blanket!
Review by Mary Stumm on 10/29/2019
i hate microfiber blankets because they are static-y and make you sweat, so I was so happy when I bought this blanket from Costco, I'm getting another one for my son's room!
Facial Washcloths Review
Review by Maria on 10/29/2019
The towel is sooo gentle! I am in love! But the best advantage of the tovel is that it's eco-friendly! What is better for futer mummy?

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