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The Millennial Way of Sleeping

Posted by Sharon on August 15, 2019
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These days it seems more people are ditching their flat sheet and making their bed quicker than before! The millennial way of sleeping consists of only a fitted sheet, a duvet cover, and 2 pillowcases, and removing (or not buying if possible!) the flat sheet that typically goes in between. We have dubbed this the Millennial Way of Sleeping because its more popular among the younger generation, but is best known as the 'European way of sleeping'. This bedding style assures quicker bed-making in the morning, but is also great for those who prefer a simple and hassle-free bed.

 Do you really need a flat sheet?

Typically, the American style of bedding consists of using a fitted sheet on the bottom, a flat sheet over that, a duvet cover on top, and 2 pillowcases. In this style of bedding, a flat sheet is mainly used to keep your duvet cover and blankets from getting dirty, as it acts as a barrier between the duvet cover and your body.  This also cuts down on how often you need to launder your duvet cover.   Some people really enjoy a flat sheet in the summer, because you can simply drape the flat sheet over your body while sleeping, making you feel 'just a little covered' but not overheated with a duvet cover.

Who is the European/Millennial style best for?

The European/Millennial style of bedding is best for those who find a flat sheet unnecessary and time consuming. In fact, many who do not care for a flat sheet claim that having a flat sheet doesn’t benefit them at night, and instead ends up tangled around their ankles every morning. If this happens to you, remaking your bed in the morning feels like a colossal waste of time!  If you feel that way about flat sheets, then you might like the European/Millennial style of making your bed, with just a fitted sheet and a duvet cover.  Interestingly, in Asia they have a similar style of making the bed, yet the one they tuck around the mattress is a flat sheet, instead of a fitted, and then they add a duvet cover on top.   If you're not using that extra top sheet, then you're not spending money on something you'll never use.  In addition, making your bed this way allows you to save time in the morning and also adapt to the changing seasons. For instance, during warmer months you can use a light blanket in your duvet cover instead of a down comforter, but when the weather cools; simply add back in the heavier comforter, and/or layer with a BedVoyage Blanket or Coverlet to stay extra warm and cozy, while also dressing up your bed!

Introducing the Eco-Mélange Bamboo/Cotton Blend BED BUNDLE by BedVoyage!

Why buy a sheet set that comes with a flat, when you don't want one?  At BedVoyage, we believe you should only pay for what you want, so we've created a new Bed Bundle with our eco-mélange collection!  This Bed Bundle is great for those who prefer the millennial way of sleeping and don’t see the need for a flat sheet. The Bundle includes 1 Fitted Sheet, 1 Duvet Cover, and 2 Pillowcases. The eco-mélange linens offers the same quality as our 100% luxe bamboo line, but with a more relaxed and comfy feel, and at a lower price point that lets you dive into the bamboo pool and test the waters, without too much investment! Made of 60% bamboo and 40% cotton, the eco-mélange linens are not only amazingly soft and comforting, but because they're made with bamboo rayon/viscose fibers, its an eco-friendly product because bamboo is one of the most sustainable plants on the planet.  They are also BPO safe and 100% bleachable!

Now, you might be wondering, “what is eco-mélange?” Its a patented process of pre-dying fibers with a waterless coloring method that does not discharge any dye chemicals into the environment.  This unique dying process is what allows the linens to be bleachable.  Then, the pre-dyed bamboo fibers are woven with white cotton fibers, which results in a beautiful heathered-effect. The fabric looks like a texture, but is actually a smooth and comfy fabric with a luxe lived-in look, and is woven with a tight twill weave which allows no pilling.  Whether you use a flat sheet or not, with this new luxurious collection you can make-over your whole bed, or layer them with our 100% Bamboo Sheets, Coverlets, and Blankets! Check out our new Eco-Mélange collection available now at!

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