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Flat Sheet vs. Fitted Sheet - Do you need them both?

Posted by Sharon on July 2, 2019
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Flat sheet or Fitted sheet? Some might ask what's the difference? But the great bedding debate among today’s generation is whether or not you really even need a flat sheet at all. So today, we'll be answering many of the questions you might have regarding flat sheets and fitted sheets!

At one time, all sheets were flat sheets, created without pockets or elastic, which were tucked around the mattress. That is, until 1959, when Bertha Berman patented a design for a fitted sheet with elastic pockets that tucked around the edges of the mattress. Berman’s design took off and can now be found on beds around the world. While a fitted sheet is designed to hug the corners of your mattress, a flat sheet lays on top and can be tucked in to keep it from moving around.

So, the question is - do you really need both? 

Benefits of a Flat Sheet

If you're one that is not a fan of flat sheets, you might be asking yourself - what is the point of a flat sheet, anyway?

A flat sheet is generally used to keep your duvet cover from getting dirty, reducing how often you need to launder it.  Flat sheets work great for those that love a clean bed, and dislike the hassle of washing their duvet cover frequently.

On the other hand, if you don't like having to remove your fitted sheet and lifting up your mattress constantly, then you can use a flat sheet to keep your fitted sheet from getting dirty! As a matter of fact, did you know that, many hotels to this day make their beds with flat sheets on top and bottom, as it easier to fold a flat sheet than a fitted, and requires less lifting of the mattress, which was causing carpel tunnel syndrome for housekeepers!

Cons of a Flat Sheet

Although flat sheets have been around for multiple generations, nowadays it is becoming more common to opt out of using a flat sheet all together.

According to, younger generations have stopped using flat sheets and prefer the European way of sleeping which simply uses a fitted sheet, duvet cover and pillowcases as their simple bed ensemble.  Many feel that a flat sheet moves around too much, gets tangled in their legs or ends up bunched up at the end of the bed, and requires too much 'remaking' of the bed.

If you believe that a flat sheet is too much of a hassle and an unnecessary extra step, then you can always opt out! Whether you are pro or con of flat sheets, at BedVoyage, we sell our fitted sheets and duvet covers separately from our sheet sets, so you have the option of purchasing what fits you best!

Bamboo sheets might change your mind!

And you never know: you might actually like BAMBOO flat sheets, it may have just been cotton that you didn't like! Bamboo is so soft and cuddly that tucking it around your shoulders and neck at night is very soothing, and on hot nights it might be all you need to cover with. 

Bamboo sheets are silky-soft to the touch, but not slippery like satin sheets are! Bamboo flat sheets stay in place, and the fabric drapes comfortably against your body. In addition, some added benefits of bamboo sheets are that they're hypo-allergenic, odor and bacteria resistant, and thermal regulating! Bamboo is naturally more breathable than cotton, we call it a 'smart fabric' that senses your needs and adjusts accordingly, so you'll stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. As an added bonus, they are room temperature when you get into bed, so no more chilly sheets! These are just a few of the great benefits of rayon from bamboo that could help improve your overall sleep and might change your mind about flat sheets!

See for yourself the difference between cotton and bamboo with a new set of luxurious bamboo sheets from BedVoyage!

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