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What Do Mom's Really Want for Mother's Day?

Posted by Sharon on May 1, 2018
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Its super easy to give flowers and chocolates, which are pretty and yummy, but when it comes to what Mom's REALLY TRULY want, it may surprise you!  Most mothers with children under the age of 7 desperately want some sleep!  Being a mom often means being the first one up, starting breakfast, tossing a load of laundry in, making the grocery list, and picking up the house.   But oh how glorious it is to get to lounge in bed until you're ready to get up, and maybe someone else even started the coffee!

Since sleep is at the top of the Wish List items, why not give your Mom a brand new set of luxurious bamboo sheets?  If you want to go a step further, launder the sheets and put them on her bed as a big surprise! and bring her a tray with her favorite coffee, a good book and a maybe a healthy muffin or a tasty croissant.  She will feel so pampered and loved!

Most Mom's are the cook, having to plan the meal, shop for it and then cook it.  What if she did not have to plan or cook one meal all day?!  It may sound like a simple gift, but it frees her up with the time to do other things she may have been putting off, and lets the other family members whip up a meal that they know will please her.  Mom's are often the hub of the home, and do so much that is often unnoticed, so any time the family can pitch in and take on some daily duties, she sees it as a blessing!

Speaking of that, if there's a Honey Do list that's been growing, its a perfect time to all pitch in and tackle it. Seeing the loose cupboard handle, or the leaky faucet, or the garden that needs weeding, can be daunting and create stress trying to find the time to get to it.  If you can present her with a Honey Done list (or most of it anyway!) then you'll see a big smile and and receive a very appreciative hug.  

If you've been to Grandma's house when she brings out the box of 'treasures' to show, chances are that most of the items are handmade.  Buying a beautiful card is thoughtful, but receiving a handmade card is divine, and shows that you took the time to create something special, and will have lasting meaning.  Fun things to give Mom are things that mark the growth of the kids, such as keeping an annual height chart, or handprints.  For instance, take a good quality heavy-weight paper, and for each child:  trace their hand in the middle of the page and write a small date. Each year, trace again, maybe even with a different color, and at the end of 10 years; she gets to see the progression of her child, and it can be framed as a keepsake!

Here's a common saying by a Mom when letting a friend get in her car "Sorry my car is such a mess, with the kids its hard to keep it clean!"   SO here is your opportunity to do something really special for her.  You can simply drive it through a car wash and then pull up to the vacuum and do a thorough job of getting all the crackers crumbs out of the seats. Or, if you tackle the chore at home (where she gets to SEE you doing it, oh joy!) you can wipe down the inside of the windows, console and door jambs, too. Who has time to scrub the wheels of their car? Not many moms, so if you take on that messy job too, even better.  Her car may not stay too clean for long, but she will enjoy every second of it while it is! 

Its easy to forget that your mom is also an actual person, she has friends and she likes to catch up with them, have a glass of wine and chat and not be a MOM for those glorious couple of hours.  If you print out a nice card for your mom, giving her 1, 2 or 3 nights to spend time with a close friend or attend an after-hours work event, or go visit her own mother, she'll look forward to those nights. She'll miss you, and likely talk a lot about you while she's out, but she'll get to be Mom-Free for just a few hours, and feel rejuvenated.  


Check out the products at and spoil her with a wide variety of amazingly soft products, from luxuriously soft towels, bamboo throw blankets to put over her legs when its movie night, a big comfy Euro to lean back on when reading in bed, or a Coverlet to layer on the bed for cold nights. 

Your mom is, and will remain, one of the most important persons in your life, so shower her with the love and attention she deserves!   And never underestimate the things that are free to give:  a hug, a smile, an I Love You, encouragement and respect! 

Sweet Dreams and Happy Mother's Day~      



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