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Earth Day 2018: BedVoyage's 27 Ways to Become A Better Resident of Planet Earth

Posted by Sharon on April 7, 2018
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You know that awesome feeling you get when you do something GOOD for the earth? You can do good any day or every day, but the official Earth Day for 2018 is Sunday, April 22. 

The team at BedVoyage is proud to announce that in honor of Earth Day 2018 we'll be donating 10% of all sales from April 20-22 to Western Lands Project,  we chose this worthy charity because their work is based around keeping public lands public, so that our beautiful lands are open to be enjoyed by all.  They accept donations from all, so if this organization resonates with you, reach out! 

Most of us are used to recycling our glass and plastics, and conserving water and power, but there are dozens of other ways that we can contribute and be a better resident of planet earth!  We've created a list that you can print and post anywhere that you'll be reminded to try to use a few methods each day, but below are a few to get you thinking!

  One of the easiest ones to do is to recycle, so even when you're out and about, many quick-stop restaurants have recycle cans, gas stations frequently have them, and grocery stores have bins to insert your used plastic grocery bags for recycling. If you don't have good access to recycling, look up a local recycling plant or a Costco near you to see if they have a recycle area where you can drop off your glass and plastic, as well as old medicine, print toner, etc.

Need some new clothes for yourself or your kids? Stop by a consignment clothing or second hand store, where you can pick up some great finds! There are even high-end shops where you can buy some fabulous evening or office attire. Kids grow so fast that its a great place to get better quality clothing, at a better price, than buying new at your local department store.    

Supporting your local community farmer, or shopping at the Farmers Market is a great way to reduce waste: fuel of trucks transporting to the stores, plastic bags (take a basket!)  chemical spraying of vegetables and fruits that go to the grocery store.  And you're often getting organic produce, they taste better and you're keeping small businesses going!  

  The amount of plastic bottles that are used daily in the U.S. is a mind boggling 60 million! An easy way to greatly reduce that is to buy a filtering water pitcher for your refrigerator, then fill up your own 1-3 reusable water bottles to take with you for the day.  Simply wash them at night, and they're ready to be reused the next day.  Your own filtered water may taste better than bottled anyway! 

Our BedVoyage CEO, Sharon Stuart, takes her own to-go cup when she travels, and refills it at the hotel water station often found by the front desk, lobby or pool. She calculated that on her latest 6 day trip; she would have used a minimum of 36 plastic bottles if she'd not had her own.  Most businesses have a water cooler to reduce the water bottle waste, so take advantage of that.  As well, you can buy a soda maker for home use, and no longer have to buy cans or bottles that quickly fill the garbage can.  Making your own soda often means less sugar and chemicals, and you can increase or decrease the mix to your own taste.   A family of 4 using these techniques can save hundreds of bottles and cans from ending up in a landfill!    Instead of using plastic utensils that go into a land fill, you can pack metal utensils in your lunchbox, or bring your own to fast-food restaurants. After use, wrap in a napkin and take home for washing.

  If you live close enough to work to ride your bike, its a GREAT way to get your exercise, reduce fuel usage and reduce the miles you put on your car.  Studies have been done that say that if Americans would make just one 4-mile round trip each week on a bike vs a car; we'd save nearly 2 billion gallons of gas at a savings of over $7 billion a year, that's huge!  Many cities even have a 'borrow-a-bike' plan that is very affordable, which is great for populated areas where parking alone can be costly and hard to find. 

We all know to turn off the lights when you leave a room, who han't had it drilled into them by their parent while growing up?! But some other things you can do to conserve energy and reduce your power bill:

  • unplug the coffee maker and the toaster when you go to work, or leave for the weekend, or a vacation
  • turn off your computer when you are done using it, or before you go to bed
  • if you have multiple items plugged into a power strip, you can easily turn off all items by turning off the main power button to the strip, when not needed
  • in the fall/winter, turn your heat down to 68 when home, and put on a sweater if needed
  • when you go to bed, turn the heat down to 63-65, and you'll sleep better too!

 One of the most wonderful things we can do for the planet, and for our air, is to plant a tree, or three!  For some wonderfully easy ways to learn what to do, visit WWF Global as many people may not know that you can even plant a seed from the apple you just ate, or the acorn that fell off a nearby tree.  You can plant a tree almost anywhere: in the forest where there is some light, in your back yard, in a park, in a pot in your house!  Its an amazing feeling to watch something grow, and know that you planted it.  You created a tree that cleans the air, provides some shade for reading or a picnic, allows a child to learn to climb, maybe even grow some fruit to pick and bake a pie, yum!  

Planting organic heirloom seeds in a garden, greenhouse, or neighborhood plot means that you can eat your own tasty homegrown food! Similar to the reasoning behind supporting your local farmers market, you help the earth by conserving fuel and plastics AND its rewarding and fun to grow your own. How great to serve up a lovely fresh salad to your family or guests all summer long.  If you don't have space for a garden, you can plant a small few pots on your windowsill and have fresh basil, dill, parsley, sage, or the item of your choice anytime you like, as it will grow year-round!

Have fun doing your part on Earth Day, make it a great day by including your children, parents, friends, and community!  And if buying eco-friendly bamboo bedding is one of your ways to celebrate, then you can feel good knowing that BedVoyage will be donating 10% of your purchase between April 20-22 to Western Lands Project.

Sweet Dreams and Happy Earth Day~




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