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Ever Wonder What Happens Behind the Scenes of a BedVoyage Photoshoot?

Posted by Sharon on September 19, 2017
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If you've ever wondered what goes on behind the Scenes of a BedVoyage Photo Shoot, we'll let you in on the secret!

By the looks of our new product photos, the whole thing looks like would it be a breeze to pull off, right? The truth is that a huge amount of work goes into the planning, styling and production of it all. Weeks before, we are coming up with ideas and concepts as well as a 'shoot list' for the photographer. Then off to shop for dozens of accessories: rugs, candles, flowers, pillows, and tables and then we have to fit them all into our vehicles to head to the offsite location.

Over a period of three days in July, we photographed our new blanket and pillow travel set made exclusively for Amazon and also created some fresh new looks for our best sellers. The theme of the shoot was "GO GREEN IN YOUR BED" inspired by our newly trademarked slogan.  We wanted to convey a luxurious, yet natural feel, which we believe best represents our brand. We dodged windstorms and the possibility of rain and had to quickly change our timing per location to take advantage of the light and weather.  This kept everyone on their toes!  Luckily, our team was made up of incredibly talented and fun people, including our photographer, CEO, assistants, and several members of the BedVoyage Team.

We hope you enjoy viewing the completed looks as much as we enjoyed creating them!

I know it may look easy when you see the amazing final photos, but behind the camera, it can look like this as we stockpile various accessories, ironing boards, linens and lots of coffee!

Here’s the process as we put it all together! We wanted to share a peek into our upcoming image release and give you some inspiration to “GO GREEN IN YOUR BED!”    What looks like a beautiful bed in final photos is just an Aero bed on anything level we could elevate it on!

The team chats and comes up with the final game plan for the 'look' and accessories.

The bamboo linens are all ironed, smoothed out and layered, with everyone having an idea of how it should go together!


The final touches to the draperies, candles, pillows and we pull the look together!

And Voila!  The perfect Bed…

And then the photographer does his magic and its 'cozy glamping on a stormy night!"

Then before the flash is barely finished, its all torn down and folded up and we move on to the next image!  Are you tired yet from seeing all of the work?  We were exhausted, but got dozens of absolutely amazing photos, watch for our next blog for more sneak peeks from the photoshoot!

Sweet Dreams~

The BedVoyage Team



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