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Who's Foot Is In My Back?

Posted by Sharon on May 10, 2017
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Hint: they are covered in fur, often stretch out and squeeze you out of your own bed, and either make you feel safe and cozy or a little bit annoyed! Our furry friends have been invited up onto the bed by over 70% of pet owners, and some are even allowed to snuggle under the covers.  Sleeping with your pet on the bed has its pluses and minuses. Some enjoy the secure feeling of knowing their pet is right there, and can act as an alarm system if anyone were to enter the home unannounced. Others feel that their pet's fidgeting, and getting up and down throughout the night causes lost sleep.

What Do Doctors Suggest?

Some physicians and veterinarians have differing opinions on whether a pet is safe to sleep with, generally due to potential bacteria transmissions and the health issues surrounding sleep disruption.  But most professionals seem to agree that sleeping with well cared for pets does not pose serious health risks.  On the contrary, some will agree that sleeping with your pet has benefits, such as helping lull you to sleep by their rhythmic breathing, their warmth on a cool night, the feeling of safety while cuddling, and the good feeling you get when making your pet happy, as you KNOW they love sleeping in the same cozy bed that you are in!  The trick is to not let them steal half the bed, shoving you over to the edge, while they try to sleep sideways.  Some experts warn that letting animals sleep between you and your partner can cause the humans to lose out on their own personal snuggle time.  Multiple pets on the bed can even compete with each other as they vie for your attention, so be the alpha and don't let them!  Studies show that about 20% of pet owners suffer from sleep disturbance with pets in the bed, but that over 40% felt they slept better knowing their little furry family member was sleeping soundly near them.

How To Get Pet Hair Out of My Bedding?

So your pet is gazing forlornly at you from the floor, pleading with their eyes to be allowed up, but you don't like pet hair all over your bedding. What to do?    There are multiple things you can do to limit pet hair on your bed:

Brush your pet before bedtime, to remove as much hair as possible, and they will appreciate it too! 

Put an extra flat sheet on top of all of your bedding so that it collects hairs, and not the rest of your good bedding.

Use a lint roller to remove pet hairs, and if done nightly; this can keep hair at a minimum.

Choose linens that have a tight weave so that hairs can't weave themselves in so easily, such as bamboo bedding, or cotton percale and sateen linens.  Bamboo has the added benefit of naturally resisting odors and bacteria, so this can be a good choice for pet owners, and pets seem to love the feeling of ultra soft bamboo linens.  Because of the tight weave, pet claws don't seem to snag the fabric as easily either.  BedVoyage bamboo linens can fit the bill nicely for you, and the pillowcases work wonderfully for slipping over smaller pet beds, and can be removed and laundered easily.

Melissa of 'Clean My Space' recommends tossing the linens in the dryer on medium heat for 10 minutes BEFORE washing, as it loosens the fibers and hairs seem to slip out easier, and many will end up in the lint trap. Then shake them out well, run through the wash cycle, and when removing from the dryer, give them another good shake.  This will significantly reduce the pet hairs.

While most can't resist the snuggle and warmth of their pet in bed, some prefer to have them sleeping on their own pet bed nearby, and this can be a great option as well.  They are still in the room with you, which can make you feel a bit safer as your animal-warning-system can react if there are strange noises or disturbances. For your pet; this 'counts' as time spent with you, and lessens separation anxieties caused by their owner being away at work most of the day. 

All that matters is that you and your pets are happy, so regardless of professional's opinions or advice: do what works best for your family and enjoy the precious moment's you get with your furry friend!     

Sweet Dreams~ 








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