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Why Use Organic Crib Bedding?

Posted by Sharon on February 9, 2017
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New parents are some of the most discerning purchasers when it comes to buying items for their new baby.   Every new parent is terrified of SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, and wants to do everything in their power to keep their precious bundle safe and healthy, and often look for eco-friendly baby products.  Since newborn babies under 6 months can sleep on average 16-20 hours a day, it is very important to review their crib situation.  One of the first areas to protect them is using organic crib bedding to reduce the chance of skin irritation and allergic reactions.  

‘What’ is in the crib is your first line of defense. Many pediatricians and experts recommend simply a firm crib mattress, a fitted waterproof mattress cover, and a fitted crib sheet.  It sounds pretty plain, compared to how much fun it is to deck out a crib and make it either gorgeous or darling!  But, adhering to the safety guidelines can keep your baby safe, and you can look forward to doing it up in style when they are ready for their toddler bed!   

In the meantime, some of the most comfortable crib bedding on the planet is BedVoyage 100% rayon from Bamboo crib sheets and blankets.  Comfortable crib sheets are important, as uncomfortable crib sheets can be the difference between your baby sleeping through the night, or waking up restless. And that means you too!   Our bamboo crib sheets are hypo allergenic and amazingly soft against a baby’s skin, especially newborns. The fibers are incredibly smooth and round and when woven into a tight twill; they are a non-irritant to skin.  This is especially helpful as baby’s newborn skin is very sensitive and can be prone to rashes from chemicals in fabrics, such as formaldehyde and flame retardants, which BedVoyage has specifically chosen not to coat our linens with, as its been proven to cause allergic reactions.  Bamboo is also grown without fertilizer and pesticides, as it grows up to 3 feet a day and is naturally pest repellent, and is often called out as one of the most renewable resources on the planet.   Bamboo is currently one of the most popular alternate natural fibers used since it is easily farmed from plantations with minimal impact on the environment. 

Other wonderful attributes of bamboo crib bedding are that it naturally resists odors, bacteria, and mildew, and we’ve had great testimonials stating that stains wash out beautifully.  You’re busy enough taking care of your baby, so if we can limit your time or worries about bacteria or stains, we are happy to help! The crib sheets are 28” x 52” x 6” deep, and come in 6 colors: White, Ivory, Sage, Champagne, Sky and Butter.   

When you baby is ready to sleep with a blanket, which is recommended after 12 months of age, the BedVoyage knitted travel and crib blankets are also made from 100% rayon from Bamboo, and is thermal regulating.  This means that the fibers sense your baby’s needs and will either release the heat or keep their warmth in, keeping them comfortable which allows for better rest.  In the meantime, you can buy the blanket as the perfect stroller or car seat blanket, for those same reasons.  It comes in two sizes: crib size at 35” x 40”, or travel blanket size at 45” x 70”, and comes in 4 colors: Ivory, Champagne, Sky and Butter.     

Its recommended that you wait until your child is 1 ½ years old to start using a pillow, about the same time they graduate to a toddler bed.  BedVoyage also offers a travel size bamboo pillowcase with dimensions of 13” x 17” in matching colors for any of our crib bedding. This is a great size to be your baby's first pillow, and is great for naps, car rides or as an overnight pillow while traveling.  

When it comes to the crib, and staying in that eco-friendly zone:  its recommended to find a crib that it made without VOC or MDF.  VOC stands for volatile organic compounds which can be found in the paint or finish on a crib, which can evaporate into the air and be breathed in by your sleeping baby.  Look for water based paint instead.  MDF stands for medium density fiberboard which means that glue is holding the wood fibers together, so buying a solid wood frame is preferable (and unfortunately more expensive!) 

BedVoyage’s motto is ‘Go Green in Your Bed’ so why not ‘Go Green in Your Crib’ too!  visit our organic baby crib page to view our line of baby bamboo crib sheets, blankets and travel size pillowcases!


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