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Hypoallergenic Bedding Soothes Sensitive Skin and Allergies

Posted by Sharon on October 6, 2016
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Hypoallergenic Bedding

Bamboo Bedding is Hypoallergenic and Smooth

The word hypoallergenic is an adjective, and means 'relatively unlikely to cause an allergic  reaction'.  It was first used when referring to makeup or skin care products, and is now used for a wider variety of products. 

Based on the definition, our BedVoyage line of bamboo linens for bed and bath are definitely hypoallergenic.  Bamboo fibers are spun so fine and round, like a hair on your head, that they are non-abrasive to the touch and extremely comforting against the skin.  Some of our customers have said 'it's like slipping into butter!'  For instance, if you looked with a microscope at a bamboo fiber or thread versus a cotton fiber, you'd see that the cotton fiber has more loose frays that can cause friction when you move around while sleeping. Therefore, people that suffer from skin sensitivities such as eczema, psoriasis, acne, or arterial artery disease, feel incredibly soothed and comforted by bamboo fabrics, as their skin glides more smoothly against the linens. 

Do you Need Hypoallergenic Bedding?

Hypoallergenic bedding is often recommended by doctors to help alleviate symptoms of asthma or allergies for their patients.  We don't coat our linens with formaldehyde (which is what the cotton industry does to make wrinkle-resistant linens) or flame retardant chemicals, as those have been proven to increase allergic reactions and chemical sensitivities.    

Bamboo Sheets Are Smoother On the Skin

An added bonus of sleeping on bamboo linens is that people who suffer from skin issues certainly don't want sweat added to their problems, and because bamboo is a fabric that breathes much more than cotton, it helps to keep the sleeper from getting overly hot.  An added bonus is that bamboo fibers draw moisture away and evaporate it faster than cotton fibers, due to the micro-gaps and holes in the bamboo fibers that draw the moisture. 

BedVoyage makes linens for babies too!   Newly born babies have very tender skin and are especially sensitive to scratchy linens or chemical coatings.  For that reason we have designed a line of bamboo crib sheets and blankets especially for your precious bundle.  When you lay your little one down to sleep, you can feel comforted that they are sleeping on extraordinarily soft linens, and the blanket is breathable so that they will not overheat.     

For all of these reason bamboo bedding is a great alternative to cotton for everyone in the family!  Visit our site at to find a sheet set, duvet, coverlet, blanket or towel that is luxuriously soft against your skin! 

Sweet Dreams~ 

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