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BedVoyage Sells Comfortable Bamboo Sheets

Posted by Sharon on September 22, 2016
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Luxury Bamboo Sheets

When you’re looking for new sheets, you’re biggest concern may be how comfortable they are. A luxury bamboo sheet has a phenomenal advantage over other types of sheets when it comes to comfort and texture. BedVoyage wants you to feel comfortable and relaxed every time you sleep or lay down on your bed by using luxury bamboo sheets that are made of 100% Rayon from Bamboo, and 300 thread count, but feels like 1,000 thread count. Wash in warm water using a delicate or eco-friendly detergent, tumble dry on low to medium. Bleach, fabric softener, dryer sheets or balls are not recommended.

If you've been researching the benefits of bamboo bedding, and are ready to take the plunge and try them for yourself, just hop over to

Benefits of Bamboo Sheets 

One of the advantages of using bamboo sheets are that they’re very comfortable, healthy and durable. An organic bamboo sheet is amazingly softer than a cotton sheet. Also, bamboo sheets are really soft and pleasant to the touch. Bamboo fiber is thermal regulating and breathable so it will keep you warm during winter and cool during summer.
At BedVoyage, the fabrics made from bamboo are known to be some of the softest on the planet, and with the added benefits of being odor resistant, moisture-wicking, and thermal regulating, it's a great fabric for bedding. BedVoyage has chosen to use a tight twill weave, that locks in the fibers and greatly reduces chances of pilling.

The cozy-soft comfort of eco-luxury bedding can be on your bed in just the time it takes to order and arrive at your doorstep! We ship out immediately, send you the tracking number, AND have a live person that answers the phone if you have questions!

Our loyal customers, and our new customers, mean the world to us, so please don't hesitate to call!

Sweet Dreams Await~


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