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Have a Cool Night with BedVoyage Bamboo Bed Sheets

Posted by Sharon on July 2, 2016
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Have you tossed and turned at night because you’re too hot?  Have you woken with the sheets damp, or a hot pillowcase?  Are you suffering from menopausal night sweats, or you call your husband The Furnace? Do you get up and turn down the heat, and turn on the fan? Have you checked on your sleeping child to find them soaking wet?   All of these are reasons to try to find cooler sheets for your bed!    A good night’s sleep is so important, and if you are woken many times during the night as you try to cool down, then you are not fully rested and may drag through the next day, hoping to sleep better that night!

Whatever the reason, it's difficult to feel comfortable if your bed sheets get damp from perspiration and your pillow feels hot. On a hot summer night, if it's uncomfortable for your children to sleep, (as they can usually sleep through anything!) then you know you will have a restless night too.  A good night’s sleep is so important, and if you are woken many times during the night as you try to cool down, then you're not fully rested and may drag through the next day, hoping to sleep better that night!

Bamboo Sheets are Thermal Regulating Which is Like Having Cooling Sheets

Bamboo bed sheets might be a perfect fit for you, allowing you to sleep comfortably through the night, because one of the wonderful natural attributes of bamboo fibers are that they are super breathable, allowing air to pass through the micro gaps and holes in the fiber, releasing heat and providing better air circulation.  We at BedVoyage call them ‘smart sheets’ because the fibers sense if you’re overheating and release the heat, but also can sense if you’re cold and need to keep your warmth in. In the linen industry; this is called thermal regulating, and can allow two people to sleep comfortably in the same bed, whether one person is hot and the other is cold! 

Bamboo Bedding is Moisture-Wicking

Another attribute is that bamboo bedding is moisture-wicking AND evaporate moisture three times faster than cotton, so if you are perspiring; the linens will pull that moisture from your skin and evaporate it so that you stay drier. People who perspire or have night sweats are frustrated with having to change the bed frequently because wet sheets can cause bacteria to grow, and the linens will no longer smell fresh.  Again, the magic of bamboo: the fibers naturally resist bacteria and odors, so you don’t have to change your sheets as often.  If you think back to bamboo socks, or men’s golf shirts with bamboo, THAT is the reason they weave bamboo fibers into those products!!    

Bed linens made of bamboo fabric are very soft, similar to the best quality cotton bedding, but drape against your skin in the most luxurious way! They are so smooth and lustrous that they are often compared to a silk-cashmere mix. Despite these attributes, bamboo sheets are quite strong and durable, and will hold up to the tougher use of a child or teenager, but be as soft and delicate as the finest bed linens to provide adults a blissful slumber.

How Cooler Temperatures Improve Sleep

Your body’s sleep and wake cycle is controlled by your body clock known as circadian rhythms. As you near near bedtime your body temperature naturally takes a slight drop and stays there until you wake. There are scientific studies that show sleeping in a cooler room between 60-67F has many health benefits. This includes deeper sleep, increased metabolism, and boosting your anti-aging hormones melatonin and growth hormone.  Initial studies show that the key to a deeper more restful night’s sleep is reducing the energy your body has to spend regulating your body temperature. Since bamboo linens are thermal regulating your body spends less energy trying to get to a comfortable sleeping temperature. This leads to a deeper sleep with less movement, and waking more refreshed.

Bamboo Sheets Are a Great Alternative to Cotton

cooling sheetsCurrently, most households use cotton bed sheets due to familiarity and not knowing there are other options. With the introduction of bamboo bed sheets, you now have a better alternative.  Bamboo offers many more benefits than cotton, such as; being odor, bacteria and mildew resistant, so that your sheets stay fresh longer as bacteria does not grow on bamboo fibers.  This will save you from changing the bed as often, because people that perspire often have to change their linens more frequently.  Some people perspire so much that they actually have to lay a towel beneath them to absorb the moisture, or change their linens daily.  The attributes of BedVoyage linens is a major advantage over cotton because your linens will not feel as damp, so there's no need to get up and change the bedding, which can disrupt sleep.

You can get a full night's rest, even when it's hot outside because your sheets will remain dry. You won't have to launder as often, which saves time, utility costs, and will minimize fabric wear and tear.

If you're looking for bed sheets that keep you cooler and more comfortable while you sleep, try our BedVoyage bamboo sheets.





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