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Bamboo Towels REALLY do dry you off faster!

Posted by Sharon on October 7, 2016
Posted Under: Quick Tips about Bamboo

Do These Towels Really Dry You Off?

When feeling a bamboo towel for the first time, the common comment is 'they feel so soft, like they'd just push the water around, do they really dry you off?'  but indeed, they do dry you off, and much faster than cotton!  Bamboo is 3 times more moisture wicking than cotton, so you could almost lay the BedVoyage towels against your skin and they will draw the moisture away from you.  Men obviously have hair on their arms and legs, and are super appreciative of the ability to quickly dry themselves off, AND the towels are SUPER soft so they feel great against your skin!

You can watch the video below to see the absorption rate, but many of our loyal fans love them for that reason and some others, such as: they are naturally odor, mildew and bacteria resistant, which means you can reuse them for days and they will never have a bad odor.  Your teen can thrown their wet towel on the floor (and you know they do!) and when you finally find it, you'll be surprised that it does not smell. You might even forget how long you've been using the same towel because it does not get that funky odor that re-used towels do.  Some people can literally go a week or more using the same towel, and it still smells fresh.  Just hang them over the rod or shower door and they will be dry before your next use.  

Will They Get a Mildew Odor?

Women with thick hair appreciate that their hair spends less time under the dryer because the bamboo absorbs more of the moisture.  And ladies, listen to this: if you forget to put the washer full of towels in the dryer, and hours later you open the washer, a load of cotton might smell awful and have to be rerun, but not bamboo!  That is the beauty of bamboo, not only does it feel luxuriously soft against your skin, and dry you off faster, but it can be used for DAYS before you need to get a fresh towel. 

Try a BedVoyage bamboo towel and you will likely be converted away from cotton, and have to donate your linen closet full of towels!

 Video Proving Bamboo Absorption Rate:



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