What are the Best Sheets For College Kids?

Each September the journey starts with the teens who are moving off to college for the first time!  Parents look for the best sheets for college beds, and BedVoyage has you covered as we sell TwinXL. These sheets perfectly fit the dorm beds. Any parents that are loyal fans of BedVoyage linens can now supply their kiddos with the same comfy sheets for their dorm room.  Some of the benefits of our linens for your children are:

Odor and Mildew Resistant:  this means that their linens will stay fresh longer, so they won’t be spending as much time in the laundry washing bedding.  You want them studying, right?! As well, the towels are mildew resistant and can be used over and over by simply hanging to dry.  If you bought them a towel bundle this set includes 2 bath, 2 hand and 4 washcloths. They could actually use those for 2 weeks before they needed to be laundered.

Super soft:  our hope is that BedVoyage bed sheets are so soft that your child will want to go to bed and get some sleep. Rather than staying up all hours playing computer games!  Truly, they’ll be comforted and feel like a piece of home is with them. They’ll snuggle into the same linens they have in their home bedroom, while away at college.

Best Blankets for College Kids:

Blankets:  use lightweight but thermal regulating blankets. This can keep the dorm room chill away in the winter, but also breathable for the summer months. Twin or Full size fits perfectly on a dorm bed, and can also be used to wrap around their shoulders while studying. Or they can snuggle with it, which they may need because they miss home 🙂

Best Duvet Cover for College Kids:

Duvet Covers: kids use their dorm beds as a couch, so BedVoyage bacteria-resistant Duvet Covers make the perfect linen for dorm rooms. And friends come plop on the bed and eat popcorn, do homework, watch movies, etc.  Duvets can get dirty with all that, so a duvet cover (vs a bedspread) is easy to take off and launder and keep their couch/bed clean.

BedVoyage offers the products to send your little loved one off to school with luxuriously soft bed sheets, cozy duvet covers, and mildew resistant towels. You’ll appreciate that they are studying more, and laundering less! www.bedvoyage.com

Sweet Dreams!

snow white bamboo cotton sheets by BedVoyage with 2 pillows

Melange Bamboo Sheet Set - Snow

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Sage 8pc Bamboo Towel Set stacked nicely by BedVoyage

Bamboo 8pc Towel Set - Sage

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silver gray bamboo cotton duvet cover Twin by BedVoyage with pillow

Melange Bamboo Duvet Cover - Silver

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