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Facial Washcloths

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Color Combo
White / Black


  • 3 Black washcloths with White trim, and 3 White washcloths with Black trim


So gentle and soothing, hypoallergenic bamboo rayon/viscose washcloths are perfect for those with sensitive skin.  Whether its acne, psoriosis or eczema, you'd be comforted due to the round and smooth bamboo fibers.  An added benefit is that they're also resistant to bacteria, mildew and odors and can be hung dry, and reused before laundering.  Taking off makeup is a dream, as they rinse out well and are stain resistant.

Key Details:

  • Hypoallergenic: luxuriously soft against sensitive skin
  • Eco-friendly: made from organically grown bamboo
  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certified: safe for babies
  • Fresher longer: resistant to mildew, bacteria and odors
  • 500 gsm 
  • 65% rayon/viscose from bamboo/35% cotton
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  • Washcloths are 10"x10"
  • Before using, wash in cool to warm water with a gentle liquid detergent, but no fabric softener.  Softeners and dryer sheets can build up on towels which can cause weakening of the fibers and decrease absorbency. Tumble dry on medium. Bamboo Towels may take another 5-10 minutes to dry than cotton, as they are so plush and absorbent!
  • You may never need to bleach the towels, as they are naturally odor and mildew resistant, but if you choose to, use a chlorine-free bleach and don’t pour directly onto your towels. Instead, fill the washer with water and add the chlorine-free bleach to dilute it prior to laundering, or pre-soak the linens for half an hour before starting the machine.
  • You can hang your towel to dry and it can be reused for days, with no mildew scent.
  • Give the towels a good shake when removing them from the washer, this fluffs the terry loops and will aid in the absorbency of your towels.  Do not iron your towels, as that decreases the absorbency of all towels.
  • If your towel develops a snag, simply snip it off with sharp scissors, and it will not continue to snag.
  • You may hang your towels to dry outside, and if they need to be softened up, just toss in the dryer for a few minutes on high and this brings back the softness.



Will makeup stain the washcloths?
 The set comes with 3 Black washcloths and 3 White washcloths, so that you can use the Black ones at night when taking off makeup, and the White ones in the morning when just freshening your face.

What other ways can I use them?
So many ways!  You can use them in the shower, you can bath a baby with them, you can use them to wipe up small spills, as a dust cloth, almost anything you want!  You can roll up many of them in a small basket to place on your bathroom counter, and you’ll have a fresh supply ready for use.

Can I hang them to dry, and reuse?
 Because bamboo is naturally resistant to bacteria and odors, they can be reused before laundering.

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