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Facial Washcloths (6pk) in White/Black

Facial Washcloths (6pk) in White/Black

Color Combo
White / Black
Size Wash


 Gentle and soothing bamboo washcloths are perfect for sensitive skin. Anyone suffering from acne, psoriosis or eczema is comforted due to the round and smooth fibers, its also hypoallergenic so skin will not be irritated.  Bamboo is also resistant to bacteria, mildew and odors and can be hung dry and reused before laundering.

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  • Washcloths are 10x10" and come in a 6 pack

Wash in cool to warm water using an eco-friendly or gentle liquid detergent.  A chlorine free stain remover may be sprayed directly on stubborn stains. Bleach, fabric softener, washer/dryer balls and dryer sheets are not recommended. Tumble dry on low to medium heat, remove immediately.


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