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Bamboo Rayon/Viscose Towels

Bamboo Rayon/Viscose Towels

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Treat yourself to sumptuous BedVoyage bamboo towels and bring the luxury of your favorite spa to your own home! Our line of plush washcloths, hand towels, and bath towels offer the utmost in opulence and comfort. Our eco-friendly bamboo towels are incredibly durable, absorbent and amazingly soft to the touch, and they STAY soft unlike some cotton towels that become rough and scratchy over time. With a blend of Rayon from Bamboo, Cotton and a bit of Poly, BedVoyage towels are 3 x more absorbent than cotton, helping you to dry off quicker. Ladies love the time savings on hair drying, as the towel does half the work! Rayon from Bamboo naturally resists odors, mildew and bacteria, so you can reuse your towel for days without any worry of a mildew scent. Especially fabulous for teen’s bathrooms, gym bags, boats, and motor homes! read more

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  • Washcloths are 13x13" and come in a 4 pack
  • Hand towels are 16x27" and come in a 2 pack
  • Bath towels are 30x54" and include 1 towel

Wash in cool to warm water using an eco-friendly or gentle liquid detergent.  A chlorine free stain remover may be sprayed directly on stubborn stains. Bleach, fabric softener, washer/dryer balls and dryer sheets are not recommended. Tumble dry on low to medium heat, remove immediately.


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