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  • Resists Bacteria

    Resists Bacteria

    Ideal for Compromised Immune Systems and Allergy Sufferers

  • Hypoallergenic


    Ideal for Sensitive, Irritated, Acne, Eczema & Psoriasis Skin

  • Safe for Babies

    Safe for Babies

    No Flame Retardants

    No Formaldehyde

  • Luxuriously Soft

    Luxuriously Soft

    Softer than Cashmere & Softer than Silk

  • Cooling Fabric

    Cooling Fabric

    Ideal for Hot Sleepers & Hot Flashes

  • Moisture Wicking

    Moisture Wicking

    Ideal for Night Sweats

  • Odor Resistant

    Odor Resistant

    Stays Fresher Longer

    Reduces Frequent Washing

  • Eco Friendly

    Eco Friendly

    Reduced Packaging

    Organically Farmed Bamboo

    Panda Friendly

Bamboo Linen Closet Storage Bag
Made of Rayon Viscose from Bamboo

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  • 1 drawstring bag


BedVoyage's Linen Closet Storage Bags are the cleanest way to store your linens. Made of 100% Rayon / Viscose from Bamboo, this storage bag will keep your sheets dust and odor free, while keeping the complete set together, ready for its next use.  The bag can also be used to store your bamboo Travel/Throw blanket, use it in your suitcase or gym bag for soiled clothing, or in your dresser for fine lingerie storage.  The top of the bag has a drawstring closure and is available in 6 colors.

Key Details:

  • Drawstring closure
  • Linen and throw blanket storage
  • Fresher longer: resistant to bacteria and odors
  • 100% rayon/viscose from bamboo
  • Sizing
  • Care
  • Questions
  • Reviews
  • One Size Fits All: Fits any sized duvet cover or sheet set and is 8.5"x10.5"x7"
  • Twin to Queen: Fits duvet covers, or sheet sets in sizes Twin, Twin XL, Full or Queen and is 8"x10.5"x5"

Wash on warm with an eco-friendly liquid detergent, tumble dry on medium. Read More



How often should I wash the bag?
 You only need to launder the bag if you have used it to store soiled linens, or for any other storage needs, and you don’t feel its fresh any longer.  

What is their main purpose?
To keep your freshly laundered sheets clean and dust-free while they are stored in your linen closet. As well, the laundering instructions are printed on the bag, so if someone else is doing the laundry; they will know how to care for your bamboo linens.  

What size BedVoyage linens will fit in this bag?
The ‘one size fits all’ will fit ALL of our Sheet Set and Duvet sizes, so you can rest assured that all of our products (including large Split King Sheet sets) will fit nicely. 

What other uses are there for the bag?
It can be used to store anything you like, but some examples are:  lingerie or swimsuits while traveling, an extra set of clothes for your child while out and about, and dress shoes or purses that you like to keep from getting scuffed or dusty.

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