Customers have pondered what the difference is between Rayon vs Viscose as a bamboo fabric term. We’ll try to explain!

Viscose is described as a fiber made from regenerated wood cellulose. This means that it comes from the cellulose of the bamboo plant.

Rayon is described as a manufactured regenerated cellulose fiber, which is virtually the same as the viscose definition. One or both of these terms can be used when describing Bamboo linens. BedVoyage chose both terms for our fabric description, because we felt that customers can recognize one or the other.

Rayon fibers are not considered natural, or artificial. The reconstructed bamboo cellulose fiber is called regenerated-cellulose. This means a chemical change does happen in the processing of bamboo. There are many benefits to rayon/viscose from Bamboo bedding, compared to traditional cottons. One benefit is bamboo is naturally thermal regulating, so you’ll sleep cooler.  If you suffer from sensitive skin issues, bamboo is incredibly silky soft, comforting and hypoallergenic. Incredibly its also moisture wicking and resistant to odors and bacteria.