What is Bamboo Twill Weave? 

A twill weave is identified by a seeing a diagonal rib across the face of the fabric. Most jeans are woven with a twill weave because it adds durability to the fabric. A typical weave consists of a warp and a weft, which are the horizontal and vertical threads. Its created by passing the weft thread over and under several warp threads, rather than just one thread. Additionally, each row is offset from the previous one, which makes the diagonal rib pattern appear.  There is a front and a back to twill weave, and the front side will have the more apparent rib, while the backside will appear more flat. For these reasons twill weave sheets are better than sateen.

Why are Twill weave sheets better than Sateen weave:

The twill makes for a sturdier fabric that will last longer, it creates a better drape, better wrinkle resistance, and a more pliable material.  Sateen is made by 3-yarns-over and 1-yarn-under. It does make for a smoother fabric, but its less durable.

BedVoyage has chosen a very tight twill weave because it makes our bedding incredibly smooth, but also very durable. You have to look closely to see our twill as its so tight, but this guarantees against pilling. Pilling is the like the yarn balls that will appear under the arms of a sweater that has been worn many times. This is where the fabric has worn against itself and loosed the threads, which then ball up. Its very uncomfortable on bedding, as you move about during the night and feel those uncomfortable bumps.

Does the width of the Twill make a difference?

Some of our competitors have chosen a very wide twill weave, which you can clearly see. This means their sheets will not be as soft, sturdy or pill-proof as BedVoyage linens.

Bamboo twill weave is a good choice if you want the sheets to be a bit sturdier and last longer. It does not compromise the incredibly silky softness of bamboo, but you’ll get to use them longer!

We have two BedVoyage collections that use the tight twill weave: our 100% Luxury Bamboo collection, and our eco-melange Bamboo/Cotton blend collection. We’ve chosen this tight twill weave on both collections as it makes them the softest sheets you’ll ever sleep on. They’ll be like your favorite comfy t-shirt, yet covering the entire bed!

What if I already have sheets?

Consider giving them to someone else!  You know when you have a t-shirt you ‘like’ but you have one that you LOVE? You gravitate to wearing the one you love, and occasionally put the other one on because you feel guilty that you bought it. So you wear it, but you don’t like wearing it as much as your other one.  Bamboo sheets are like that, you’ll LOVE them, and then you’ll never want to sleep on anything but bamboo ever again.  Our customers often tell us that they’ve given away their cotton sheets and will sleep on nothing but BedVoyage Bamboo Twill Sheets!

White Bamboo Sheet Set with pillows product image by BedVoyage

100% Bamboo Sheet Set - White

$149per set
Sky Blue Duvet Cover Set in bamboo fabric rolled comforter by BedVoyage

100% Bamboo Duvet Cover Set - Sky

$219per set
Ivory BedVoyage quilted coverlet on a pretty bed

100% Bamboo Quilted Coverlet - Ivory

$270per set